Mermaids and Mermen – It may all be true – part 2 Is it all True Series–#245

As I wrote in part 1 last week August 11th on this site, Mermaids are probably more than a fun legend. They are creatures of the deep and part human at least in looks and part fish probably in function.

On an island northeast of Australia called New Ireland, sightings of these beings are quite common, and the locals talk about them as another species of common fish.

There are witnesses on that island who swear they have seen mermaids and mermen caught in fishermen’s nets. One such event happened when an “RI” (mermaid) was left on the beach under the watch of some young boys. But the boys allowed the creature to return to the water, because the mermaid was ashamed of her nakedness, and I guess the boys felt sorry for her. More than likely she had probably glamoured them to let her go.  Most beings of this type have the ability to control humans’ thoughts and actions if they are threatened.

Another interesting fact about the sighting is that many of the mermaids have monkey-type faces, sort of like the Sasquatch, while some have human-like faces.

Now some quite disturbing information:  there are villages in this same area where there is talk about villagers killing and eating the “RI”. Several of the villagers also witnessed the butchering of the mermaids, and like humans the “RI” had a great deal of blood and their body fat was yellow much like humans. As you probably know fish have minimal blood as they are cold-blooded, but warm-blooded creatures like humans carry much blood in their systems.

Further descriptions of the beings depict them as having upper human-type torsos and lower fish-type appendages. The females have breasts and both males and females have human-like genitals. Their fingernails are long and their hands are rough and scaly looking.  They talk in low whispers, but nothing seems to be recognized. Their skin is thin and fragile and a very pale white in color.

Well there is probably something to the above details. Since there is some part human in these beings I hope their murder stops.

Sleep tight – as I say– Reality is Not what it seems.