— Quick Post -Repost – Wikileaks is the Super UFO leaks coming ?

It look like there maybe some interesting UFO stuff mixed in the thousands of other diplomatic cables. Would that be cool , The thing about Wikileaks is they have build up a degree of crediblility like no one before . This could be big , will the world be set on its end?

From August 7th 2010- post-

WikiLeaks is an internet website that most of us never heard of until 07/25/10 when they released 90,000 secret military documents about the Afghanistan War. I believe this release will change the course of the war, end it sooner and save lives, American lives. So the truth can be good, real good.

Julian Assange who is the founder and director of WikiLeaks calls himself a “transparency activist.” I kind of like the term, although I like truth activist better. What WikiLeaks has now is the credibility to make things happen.

There are always documents to be found, maybe the old paper way, but always X’s and O’s computer code, words and cyber memory. We as truth-seekers have to look and find the data and get it like WikiLeaks or the others who will come after WikiLeaks is gone. I am sure somewhere there is data explaining the true events that lead to 911 and the complex cover-up that is solidly in place today.

But now there is hope for the UFO community as we have waited for the vehicle and it has arrived. The vehicle is the Internet and its ability to stay anomalous [Do you mean anonymous?] here, there, everywhere and nowhere. I believe the whole truth about UFOs and the massive government cover-up is maybe only days away from the top popping off the bottle of truth, at the very most only several months from now. The power of the truth movement is going to change this world, but unfortunately this never is a peaceful transition.

Truth must come if we are going to evolve into higher beings and fear is the only thing that keeps us from the truth. I do fear for the safety of Julian Assange, for the Masters of the World are waking up, and they know their greed is fed by stopping the truth. These Masters will hunt down the truth Sayers, but in the world of the Internet there are many places to hide, and I hope Julian Assange finds a very safe harbor.

I salute Julian, WikiLeaks and the others presently out there and the new army of truth-seekers who will change our world forever.

Sleep tight, a new and beautiful paradigm has just started – the Age of Truth and No Fear.