Dr. Mercola speaks about Dr.Klinghardt's approach

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, has been one of my mentors for the last 15 years or more, and has been instrumental in helping me understand some of the basic, foundational truths of natural medicine.

He helps teach us how we can use our bodys innate healing intelligence to help encourage high levels of health and address some of the diseases that affect so many of us despite our best efforts to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Last month, I published one of Dr. Klinghardts articles describing his diagnostic tool, autonomic resonance testing, or ART, in greater detail. If you missed it, I strongly recommend you take a moment to review it after listening to this interview, to get a better understanding of how this remarkable tool works and how it can be applied.

Dr. Klinghardt’s Unique Perspective of Disease and Healing

Dr. Klinghardt’s path into medicine was a rather unusual one. He ended up participating in an experimental program during medical school that included training in classical homeopathy and acupuncture. This was followed up with a two-year medical residency in India, where he learned the principles of Ayurvedic medicine.

Today, the chronic illnesses people are faced with are more complex and diverse than ever before, caused by the ever increasing amount of toxicity, exposure to electro smog, and the effects of chronic infections such as Lyme disease.

Dr. Klinghardt’s background offers him a unique perspective, from which he has been able to devise highly successful treatment methods to address many of these health problems in novel ways. The use of ART is one of the tools he frequently uses to help diagnose the root of a person’s health problem.

Muscle testing was initially developed in the US by a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, who developed applied kinesiology. Dr. Klinghardt has since taken it to an entirely different level, to where ART can be used to understand and gauge how different interventions can influence a person’s pathology.

Conventional medicine does not have the tools to determine the root of a health problem, which makes ART that much more valuable. And contrary to popular belief, the ART method of muscle testing is not based on psychic abilities or some flimsy methodology of using your body as a pendulum.

Rather, it is a true diagnostic system that is based in physiology, the function of your autonomic nervous system, with repeatable experiments to back it up. In the video above, youl hear him give several examples of the methodology that distinguishes ART from other muscle testing techniques.

What is Autonomic Resonance Testing (ART)?

ART Definition: When a substance is placed over an area of your body that contains this identical substance, a stress signal is elicited, which makes a strong indicator muscle go weak.

This simple phenomenon allows you to determine:


Problems in your body that are not visible with the naked eye

For example, you can scan your body with a biopsy slide of a tumor for the presence of this identical tumor in your body. Or you can use a particular toxin in a vial and scan your body for its presence. By using different concentrations of a toxin you can even assess how concentrated this particular toxin is in your body.

If a medication or nutrient reaches the target organ in your body

It has been found that many times a particular nutrient or medication does not appear in the target area (i.e. an infected tooth or a diseased heart) in concentrations high enough to achieve the therapeutic benefit.

With direct resonance you can scan your body over this area with the identical substance, and find out if it is present there or not. Oftentimes you may find that something is blocking or preventing the drug uptake.

When that happens, ART can help determine what the blockage is, which may include:

Jewelry and belt buckles

Sleeping in a geopathically disturbed bed


Bio-incompatible dentures and regular restorative dental materials

Eating allergenic non-compatible foods

Clothing (materials, dyes, electromagnetic properties, toxins)

Laundry soap residues or cosmetics

Glasses and contact lenses

There are many other applications of ART, including dental testing, hormone balancing, allergy testing and food allergy elimination, detoxing from drug residues, testing for and eliminating neurotoxins, determining and treating for microorganisms and stealth pathogens, eliminating infections, determining and treating underlying psycho-emotional issues and much more.

How Do You Prove Energy Medicine Works?

One primary criticism against ART and other forms of muscle testing is the absence of double-blind placebo-controlled trials. However, the conclusion of the largest retrospective study published on muscle testing showed that there is worldwide agreement that applied kinesiology is a reproducible and reliable scientific method. (Scott C Cuthbert and George J Goodheart Jr, Chiropractic & Osteopathy 2007,15:4 doi:10.1186/1746-1340-15-4).

In addition, there are double-blinded studies, published in the International Journal of Acupuncture and Electro-therapeutics Research, which also verify the validity and reliability of muscle testing.

It’s also important to realize that double-blinded study is a philosophical model developed to study the effect of one particular biochemical compound. (That’s the only variable that’s introduced in the patient’s system during testing.) Hence, double-blind study is not suitable to prove or disprove energetic phenomena, or to be applied in areas of physics, which the area that muscle testing belongs to.

Interestingly enough, the only form of study that is appropriate for muscle testing is the outcome study. And ART repeatedly produces fantastic outcome of treatment.

Energy Medicine the New Frontier of Medicine

Whereas conventional medicine is mostly chemical-based, new forms of medicine using energy, based in quantum physics, are rapidly gaining ground in certain parts of the world. Germany is one of the leaders in the approved use of various forms of energy medicine.

We are indeed moving towards a model of medicine that employs physics rather than chemistry. It’s a whole new paradigm that is bound to change the practice of medicine forever.

This transition is already occurring.

Examples of Novel New Energy Treatments

Dr. Klinghardt offers several fascinating examples of treatments and healing techniques already underway, such as magnetic field treatment for malaria.

Developed by Washington University professor Henry Lai, the novel malaria treatment exposes the patient to a magnetic field that pulsates with a certain frequency. It has been shown to successfully eliminate malaria from the patient within a few sessions.

It’s just one example of the pure application of physics to your body.

Lai has patented the frequency used, and as a result of that, the pharmaceutical industry is currently busy patenting frequencies for the treatment of a number of infections, toxins, and medical conditions.

So the pharmaceutical industry is quite aware that big changes are looming on the horizon.

Another example of an instrument based on quantum physics that is now increasingly common in Europe, may strike most as being too good to be true…

You simply lie on a table, covered with a white sheet, in a darkened room. Two electrodes, held in each hand, put about 70,000 volts of electrical charge through your body no amperage, only voltage, so there’s no physical sensation of the charge. A scanner held about two feet away from your body registers any illness, physical dysfunction, infection or toxin by lighting up a bluish light in the middle of the room. The device is held there until the blue light disappears, and that’s the end of the treatment.

This novel sci-fi treatment is already approved by the German equivalent of the US FDA. When this treatment will be available in the US is another matter There are many special interest groups in the US that spend much of their time and effort suppressing radical new alternatives. And the FDA has become little more than a policing arm for the pharmaceutical industry, repressing alternative methods to drugs.

As you probably already know, drug companies are raking in profits well in excess of a half a trillion dollars a year. That kind of financial power provides a lot of political influence. However, we can’t live in a vacuum forever, and eventually even the US will be forced to open up to the new avenues of energy medicine.

In the meantime, whether youre a patient or a clinician, I strongly urge you to look for a practitioner who is open to exploring these new modalities and energy diagnostic tools, such as ART. They’re out there and slowly growing in numbers.

Another wonderful energy modality devised by Dr. Klinghardt is MFT, is short for Mental Field Therapy. It was developed from the energy psychology technique called TFT (Thought Field Therapy) by Dr. Callahan, which eventually morphed to EFT/MTT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Meridian Tapping Technique).

These are indeed exciting times, and although we still have a long way to go, I have no doubt we’ll change the seriously flawed medical paradigm were currently in, eventually.

For more fascinating information about Dr. Klinghardt’s alternative healing methods, please review the related articles below. I also highly recommend the five disc DVD set “The Fundamental Teachings of Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD” he has compiled, which explains his work in greater detail.