Stories and High Strangeness from Las Cruces New Mexico-Is it all True Series #157

A couple of weeks ago I was in Las Cruces on a business trip, and I was talking to a couple local folks who had lived on and off in Southern New Mexico. So during our business conversation with them we were outside looking east and I saw this range of interestingly shaped mountains. I asked them the name of the mountains, and they said the Organ Mountains, and I said they are noted for their UFO/paranormal activity and that opened the floodgates. It is amazing the pent up strange stories people want to tell when given the chance and are in the presence of like-minded people.

So here are a few of the stories of high strangeness. First there was the Roswell one; one of the guy’s family members lived in Roswell during the 1947 clash. He spoke of a friend of his father who had a girlfriend at the Roswell Army Air Field there on July 5th, 1947. The story goes that the girlfriend who was a nurse called a local funeral home director and asked how to embalm a small child. The funeral director knew the woman but he was still puzzled by the question, since it’s not the Army’s job to embalm anyone, especially a child. Next the boyfriend of the nurse went to the base to see his girlfriend, as he had done many times before, but this time was different, as he wasn’t allowed in, and finally after weeks of enquiry, he was told she was gone – disappeared never to be seen or found, just gone.

Next, one of the other people in this Las Cruces conversation was a pilot who told us about a close encounter he and a friend had while driving from Las Cruces to Roswell through a rolling hills area. As they got to the bottom of one of the hills the whole area lit up like a 747 jet landing with its huge landing lights pointed toward their car. They stopped and got out of their car and stared at this very big UFO hovering in front of them, hanging there for several minutes until a tractor trailer approached from behind and then it (UFO) shot into the western skies in a flash. The question I would have is, how close was the encounter?

And next a story that occurred in the same area, about this guy whose friend offered to let him stay at his house while he was hanging with his girlfriend, which he did most of the time. The guy accepted the offer and on one of the first nights alone had this experience. He was lying in bed and suddenly he felt this heaviness and claws squeezing this chest; he woke to his surprise to find a large cat on this chest. He grabbed the cat and threw him outside and closed the door. But this repeated itself two more times, and each time the attack got stronger. And to the guy’s surprise he could not find out where or how the cat got into the house, over and over again. Next after the cat incident, he was twice literally thrown out the door and the other time pushed down the stairs by an invisible force. The guy called his friend to tell his stories and that he was not staying a minute more in that house. At that point the owner of the house burst into tears and he told his friend, “Thank God I am not going crazy – there is something bad in that house.” Sounds to me like an incubus or a succubus spirit who wanted the house to him or herself.

There were more stories – maybe another time.

Sleep tight – but keep a close eye on your cat,