People need to speak Truth on UFOs and the Paranormal

People need to speak about their UFO/ Paranormal experiences. They need to speak the truth about their interest and yearnings on the subject. UFOs and the paranormal discussions should be as common as apple pie with a Sunday dinner.

I have flown around this country thousands of miles over the last 5 years, and I got some of my best UFO/Paranormal conversation on the plane or getting to the airport, discussions with random strangers. Like several amazing discussions with a scientist from an Aero-space company who knew the inner workings of the Star Wars project – and note the project wasn’t to keep watch/ defend ourselves against the Russians or any other human country on earth. In the other candid conversations, hundreds of people poured out their souls. Many could not believe what they said – but it felt so good to them, to express their inner feelings about their paranormal experiences.

After 50 years of having this amazing passion for the unknown, I again will state everyone everywhere has had paranormal/ UFO experiences with Angels, ghosts, alien beings, demons, Cryptids, wee people and things I cannot describe in human terms. The fear of reliving the experience and the fear of being ridiculed by their peers has suppressed millions of people from speaking the truth.

This must all stop and people need to gather in groups and share their experiences, so the cosmic burden can be lifted from our planet. If we in mass would open up and tell our experiences to other around us, the paranormal beings would no longer be able to be invisible to us. They would have to show themselves, our new awaking as humans would lift the veil, millions of human quantum minds would force those “the paranormal beings” into our dimensional reality. And we would deal with each other as equal citizens of a new and better world.

Sleep tight, knowing a group of like-minded humans can move a mountain and together even see an alien being.


The thinning of the Veil – Yes Now? Is it all True Series #445


I have been traveling for work over the last couple of weeks and last week a couple quite interesting events happened on my way home. On the return trip back through the airport, I was approaching a Chick- filet restaurant and I was looking at the menu standing in line. I was debating on whether to have cheese on my breakfast sandwich. I was still debating the subject (in my mind) when I was next in line to order when the lady behind the counter said cheese or no cheese? I looked at her and said “what” – I had not ordered an item nor said a word to her at that point. So I asked her – did you read my mind? She just smiled.

I would not have thought much about this, but 20 minutes later a similar event occurred. I was sitting waiting to board the plane and I noticed a seat across from me that would work better when I boarded the plane, (Southwest line-up) my line-up number was on the other side of the numbered posts. As I stood up to make my move, out of the corner of my eye there was a man and his service dog approaching and I heard his wife say there is a couple of seats for us, (one of the same seats I was eyeing). So I sat down and as the man with the dog passed, he smiled and said –“Thank You”. I had never telegraphed my move other than in my mind, I had just stood up. Was he another person who read my mind? I think so.

So the next day I was with my fiancé and we were in a department store and looking for some” hand wipes”, we looked all over with no success. So we decided to look for an employee for some assistance. And there down an aisle was an employee stocking shelves. So we asked him where we could find some “wipes”, he looked a bit confused, but there in his hand were the “wipes”. We had to bring it to his attention, almost like he didn’t realize he had something in his hand, let alone the “wipes” we were looking for.

So three examples of telepathy and manifestation, within a very short time-frame. Why now? Is there a shift coming or is it here. Is humankind regaining its ability to read minds and manifesting its day to day needs- simply as finding hand wipes?

Sleep tight, we are entering an old era, when we won’t afraid to have our minds read and manifestation of our all needs was easy, like having an APP to get an UBER.


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 80

Location. Spring Lake Park, Minnesota
Date: October 2009
Time: 0530a
The witness was driving to work past Spring Lake when he approached a stop sign; he got a clear view of the lake. From the stop, to the lake, its maybe 20 yards. He looked over and crouched down next to the lake were two figures. At first he didn’t think anything of them, but as he went through the stop, one of the creatures stood up and looked at him. He pulled over and stared at it. They looked like two large ‘mutant bears’, but muscular and had human features. He could see fingers with claws. Its face was human-like, but with a snout. After watching for a good minutes, the second creature stood up. The witness then drove away at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales—April 2010
Type: E

Location. Near Churchville, New York
Date: October 2009
Time: evening
The main witness, ‘Paul’, (involved in other encounters), while hunting with friends on a farm three miles from his house, came across a creature standing in the woods, Paul described it as being three feet tall with white skin, black almond shaped eyes with no whites, a small nose, and very thin lips. To his amazement the creature looked almost human. It was wearing a green camouflage hunting cap. Paul’s hunting buddies were turned away from it at the time, so he was the only one that witnessed the creature before it vanished. Paul thinks the creature may have been some sort of human alien hybrid, but cannot explain why it was wearing a hunting cap.

HC addendum
Type: E

Location. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Date: October 2009
Time: night
After dinner and some drinks (they were not intoxicated) a husband and wife went outside the club to go their car, when they husband noticed what looked like someone standing near a fire escape across the street. At first he didn’t pay much attention until his wife pointed out how ‘peculiar’ the man looked. His face seemed somewhat obscured by shadows, but he was about 7 feet tall, slender and in a black suit. It felt like he was watching them. That was their cue to leave quickly, the wife was a little shaken up and the husband was somewhat rattled. Then as they were not even 10 minutes away from their house they saw the same tall man in the black suit standing on the sidewalk. The witness headlights briefly shone across the stranger’s face, but he had no features. Not looking back the witnesses sped away from the area. The couple does not discuss the incident for a week until she was woke up by a nightmare one night. In it, the skinny, faceless man, hovers into their room and fiddles around with something in their nightstand, takes something and leaves. The husband gets up and investigates and finds 20dollars missing from his wallet (!).

HC addendum
Source: Your True Tales—March 2010
Type: E
Comments: A thieving humanoid?