Did our Creators give us Premonitions as our greatest survival tool? Is it all True Series #148

I know some people will take exception to my use of the word Creators, but people get their creation beliefs via different Gods, though all from the same higher dimensional realm, so plural fits well here.

I define premonition as pre-warning, pre-knowledge of a coming event. It can be something good like maybe winning a lottery, like I nearly did in the late 80’s in Atlanta. Unfortunately I didn’t listen carefully to the pre-knowledge – I second guessed it and instead of $83 million, I won only $104. (I had all the numbers but spread them on two tickets.) One of the tricks is to listen very carefully; precision is critical here, so do not over think it – as Nike says, “Just do it.” Also remember that most premonitions are subconscious in origin.
Did you know many planes that crash are only partially filled? The four planes that were involved in 911 were less than 30% full. Were these partially filled planes a result of mass premonitions of the events of 911, perhaps?

Look at animals and insects acting very strangely hours before earthquakes. I recently witnessed two small premonitions. I had cooked dinner and my wife came home, and for some reason she felt maybe she didn’t want to or shouldn’t eat the dinner; of course I had eaten it already with some strange reservation, but didn’t listen because I was very hungry. That night in an early dream session I was told to in the morning throw the leftovers out, there was a danger. I got quite ill late that night, but survived, and I did listen this time, and the leftovers were in the garbage disposal early that morning.

Premonitions are out there floating in the unconscious field of the zero point, which we all can connect to and improve our chances of survival. Meditation is the road to hooking into this “field” and pulling in more of those looks into the future, your future. It is important to remember, the event is going to happen with or without your premonition, but you can walk out of harms way through the cosmic avoidance principle – don’t be there.

And an interesting fact: the word premonition is considered a bit of a woo-woo term, whereas the term intuition is quite acceptable in mainstream – both are the same.

So lets bottom line this one: Pay Attention, Pay Attention and Pay Attention more. Our Creators have given us a wonderful gift; use it to survive this crazy but very interesting world. This ability can be honed into a special personal skill, so don’t pass it up.

Sleep tight, for probably 90% of premonitions for a beginner come in the normal dream state. I believe you can triple your premonitions by moving into a meditative state, anytime you want to.