The Otherside of Darkness and Light

In today’s day and age, it seems like there is so much happening on the ethereal plane that is exploding in our dreams and psyche. Strategic battles for humanity swell being, the battle of wills, and the card game of chance all play upon people’s desire to succeed sometimes bluffing their way through life.

For the most part, we as humans can’t always see the details of specific outcomes because of ethereal negotiations for our very existence that are surreptitious at best in the matrix of agendas.

Could it be, we don’t want to see anything that changes our perceived comfort level of existence? If anything, if we can see our reality, touch it or feel it, it’s palatable at least it seems for most people.

If we think about this palatability, it makes little sense, at least not in the
typical, daily grind kind of way. Do we touch God by holding a bible or pushing open the church doors? Do we feel the brush of Angel’s wings when the wind blows through our hair?

Does incense become the essence of how Heaven smells or does
it helps us know or understand what smells might accompany the presence of God or the Angels?

Religion is humanity’s brick and mortar, the connection to the invisible realms that seems tangible and attainable. Psalms, legendary tales, and religious verses give us the sustenance we crave but to what extent do they jive with today’s world.

I get confused when I hear about the Fallen Angels who I have read are also known as the Annunaki or Nephilim. I know their existence is written about in Sumerian tablets but how close is this similarity? Depending on which religion or culture has inscribed their belief or definition, it’s hard to tell who is closest to the truth or who is fantastical in their storytelling.

So who are the Fallen Ones? There seems to be a continued craze to keep these beings in our mindset sometimes with an almost idiosyncratic enthusiasm that
seems to be based on morbid curiosity.

The Fallen Ones have so many different names that for all intentions and purposes, you can decide on which name fills the blank in the best.
How do these beings enter our lives and create havoc? As an Empath, I have
wondered this very thing especially when I see the pain and sorrow that is caused by their intrusion.

As humans, we are a very unique species because we have something about us that can only be achieved by being born on this planet. We are carried within the womb by our mother’s who themselves were carried in the same way by their mothers. This means that all mothers have one thing in common, which is the earth’s frequency they pass down to their children. We are born with earth’s frequency as our insignia which allows us to live upon her and thrive.

It’s an amazing birthright and one of the greatest gifts given to humankind.
Our bodies are vessels that are a great commodity because we have the ability to feel and express emotions to such soaring heights that we are light shows of epic proportions. I think the Dark ones are intrigued by our ability to feel. This is why they invade or occupy our bodies so they can try to experience this ability for themselves.

Alas, for them, they can never experience what they observe because
Earth’s frequency is in the soul. Even if there is a possession of the body, they still can’t come close to what they see us experience yet even still, they continue to try.

The ethereal world seems connected to our planet by the undying and affixed memories of souls passing away either with a predestined or unexpected ending. It seems Hollywood is fixated on scripts that incorporate a ghoulish or dark spirit coming back for vengeance. We can always count on the unmistakable human giving in to the Dark Agenda that either haunts humans or wants to devour them.

This is why society up to this point has a distorted idea of what the darkness is. If we are always portrayed as losing to the Fallen Ones, then society in a twisted and morbid way ends up with a mindset conscious or unconscious, that is defeated. We become ripe for frightening visitations or worse possession if not in body but also the mind.

The morning light in most movies, signifies hope, the unstoppable brilliant fire that illuminates even the deepest and darkest crevices, allowing for humanity’s escape from the unending pursuit of nightmarish ghouls. This hope is signified in angels but not just any angels, the highest, the right hand of God, the doers of good and his will, the Archangels.

If humanity wins in the end, I guess Hollywood feels there isn’t much more to write about. Yet, even with this very misconstrued ideology in the mainstream consciousness, we as a society are starting to get a hold on what kind of reality we want to live in. Running from ghouls is hard work and to be honest, it’s ridiculous to watch another person run from something we wouldn’t want any part of.

Maybe watching someone else go through a scary plot or circumstance, keeps the line in the sand drawn, movies versus reality.
The desolate darkness is the comatose silence that can be deafening to the
senses, the nonexistence of the illuminating soul. Symbols for light and dark have been a part of human history since the consciousness of man and woman could tell the two apart.

I have often wondered how individual choices affect the connection humans have with the earth. Does a dark journey change the outcome of the Earth frequency insignia a person is born with? What kind of role do the Archangels play in our lives? Are they figments of the imagination, written as hope for humanity, or have people really seen them
throughout history? I ask this question not out of jest but more for contemplative reasons.

Personally, I can attest that I have seen Archangel Michael not once but
three times as an adult. I wasn’t near death or having an out-of-body experience. I wasn’t on drugs or hallucinating, it was three times in my life where I had to make a choice.

Archangel Michael has a very unique aura about him and he doesn’t allow for second-guessing. He comes with a mission and then leaves without a second glance. To me, it was never like, did I really just see him kind of thing; it was sitting back and wondering why he took the time to visit me in the first place.

I thought he would be accompanied by more pomp and circumstance but that obviously is just in movies. I saw his sword, the look in his eyes that didn’t always seem friendly but overtly stern. There was one thing about him that will always stay with me, as much as he was to the point of his mission, he always brought the essence, the smell of Heaven, the all-encompassing hope that my soul recognized immediately. This feeling is how humans can tell the difference between the Fallen
Ones and the Archangels.

It’s the soul’s recognition that can tell who is who.
Below the light, the darkness hides and when it comes out, it is invited by those who claim it as their creed, the decadence of their soul that brands them for eternity. These humans are the ones that play with fire and in the end, get consumed by it. When humans partake in the dark realm of rituals, they open portals for the Fallen Ones who can gain entry without having to cross the earth’s borders in disguise.

The Dark Agenda welcomes them because the ultimate goal is to break down the earth’s dominant resonance. This is humanity’s greatest battle because it’s not just good versus evil or light versus dark, it’s our right to exist as we are. How many stories are there in religious books about the Fallen Ones that state they rebelled against God because of us?
The Dark Agenda plays all hands and reads all cards. As humans, we can have the upper hand based on just one thing, the ascension of our soul. All we really need to do is reconnect with our higher source, the divinity within. By doing this, we would understand all that is or ever was or ever will be.

The dark night is just as much a part of us as the light of day. We are the
mysterious, hushed breakthrough, the quiet reflection of the cosmos that allows the shimmering stars to sparkle.
We can shed light on the dark void with the understanding that we know who we are and where we come from ultimately knowing that all along God isn’t just around us but in us. Our souls aren’t for sale; they are the sustenance of divinity from the breath of God.

We are the other side of darkness and light, the two combined. Remembering that the Heavens are in us, is a way to bring out our light
and vindication by making no apology for our place in the Universe. We can stand strong with the Archangels making our choice known, becoming a part of the sovereign remedy instead of being the source of its contention.


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