Research with Care – UFO/Paranormal -Is it all True Series # 314

other-worldI have been doing research in the strange but real world of UFO and the Paranormal for over 40 years, and one thing I have learned is that you need to practice some form of self-protection, especially when doing field research. This is because we are dealing with entities like reptilians, ghosts, forest beings, and dark entities of all shapes and forms.

The problem here is since the researcher is going into other powerful beings’ territories, it is truly best to put some protection around your physical and energetic body. For these entities can attach themselves to the unaware researcher and cause havoc after the person leaves the field research area and re-enters his/her home base.

So what can happen if you are not careful and don’t protect yourself? Here are a few examples. First, many of you have heard of Skin Walker Ranch, a vortex in Utah where strange entities come and go through a portal area on the old ranch. The volume of strangeness became so great that the government took it over to watch over this alien invasion. Back before the government took over, a man came out to meditate on the ranch to make contact with the alien entities, but through this process his mind got invaded by frightening beings, and that ended his meditation career.

I personally was meditating in my house in Georgia when three reptilian beings wanted permission to enter my house and possibly do harm to me and/or my family. I confronted them outside my home and they vanished. A fellow researcher had been doing field work in a forested area in New Mexico searching for Dogman and Bigfoot and some entity attached to her and may have been responsible for a push down the stairs and a broken arm.

All of these bad outcomes could have been avoided with a little common sense and protection. The researcher should simply clear himself as he leaves his home either with a clearing mantra or smudging or both, and then when leaving the research area he should thank the entities for allowing him/her to occupy their space. Then the final protection would be to recite a mantra before the researcher enters his/her home base stating that no entities may enter your sacred place now or ever. It’s quick and it works.

Sleep tight, you always need to protect your mind and soul, because they have infinite cosmic value.