Our Friend Lesley speaks-UFO Sightings: Amazing or Terrifying?

UFO Sightings: Amazing or Terrifying?

Lesley Gunter — UFO Magazine writer and member of the proteges Albuquerque/Rio Rancho/UFO/Paranormal Forum.

Since I was a child I have seen UFOs. The first one I saw was in broad daylight, your typical flying saucer type, skipping back and forth across the Sandia mountains at a high rate of speed. The one thing out of the normal (so far as UFO sightings go) was that it was red, instead of the typical metallic or greyish color. My grandmother had also seen it and for some reason was totally terrified by it. It is too late to ask now, but since I have become an adult I have always wondered why she felt that way. As for myself, I was amazed and happy to see it.

So have been most of my sightings. The only one I remember being afraid during was one night, probably about 10 years ago. It was winter and we had a hell of a snow storm going on, but the snow had finally slowed and it was so pretty out that Britton (my SO) and I decided to take a walk in the snow.

We live outside town and in comparison most of the houses are fairly far apart. Nobody seemed to be awake or have their lights on. There are no street lights out here, so you can spot lights in people’s houses pretty easily.

Let me mention it was about 3 in the morning and right before this I had been listening to what was then “The Art Bell Show.” I don’t remember exactly who was on, but someone that was an “expert” on alien abduction. As I recall, I had been listening while on the computer and Britton had not been listening.

The sky was not visible that night. The clouds were very low and thick.

We walked not very far from our house, what would probably be about 2 or 3 houses away in a typical neighborhood. Then suddenly the sky lit up in a perfect circle over our canyon and there was no sound from whatever lit it up. I know people often use the term “football field” to describe size — this circle was at least a football field. The clouds were so thick that you couldn’t see anything above them, all you could see was this light shining down. For some reason that scared the crap out of me and Britton too. We both stood there talking back forth, scared out of out minds and then suddenly the light went out. We decided that we should just go home and were about to turn back when the light came on again. I can’t really describe how scared I was, but I was really scared. It went out within a few seconds and we headed home, where I automatically checked the clocks to see if there was missing time and thankfully there was none, at least didn’t seem to be, about 15 minutes had passed since we left.

I can’t tell you why that sighting scared me when others haven’t. Maybe because it was at night and my others were during daylight or because I had been listening to Art Bell right before it. Maybe it was because it wasn’t actually a sighting and I couldn’t see the thing the light was coming from.

I always wonder why people react differently to UFO sightings, some are amazed while others are terrified and maybe there just isn’t a logical answer for that. I suppose given a slight difference in circumstance any of us could be amazed or terrified.?