The Many Worlds, could be just around that Mountain – Is it all True Series #140

Everything is possible, what may not have happened yet, has or will happen in another universe. The discovery of quantum mechanics makes the concept of Multiverse (Many Universes) possible. Even though they (the other worlds) were always there, here, and everywhere, in man’s mind these didn’t exist. Once one man grasps the potential it was realized for all to see.

Like the very first Native American who could not see the large explorer’s ship sitting straight in front of him, because he could not perceive it, but once the first native did make the quantum connect or leap, all of the rest of the Indians instantly saw the ship. It’s all in making the connection into the ‘field’, and someone showing the way. I guess one of those leaders was Dr. Hugh Everett III who in 1957 said because of what we do perceive; it now exists at the very least in another universe. Or very simply stated, our minds are creation machines. And thoughts can never be destroyed; they just may rest in another world.

The above flash of thought was generated by a trip I take around Sandia Mountain to the other side and into another world. I realize now that other strange worlds do exist very close home. From the semi-arid, semi-civilized world of Albuquerque, in 15 minutes you can go into a lush forest of great beauty. There are streams of abundant fish and trees with many birds.

But there is the strange and dangerous also there; the other worlds can be accessed on the other side of the mountain. Strange beings and strange creatures can walk through portals into our world. There has been human tragedy there, which I will not go into detail. Beings looking like half-man and half dog running on two legs have been reported. I have seen pictures of tracks of creatures that make 9 to 10 foot strides with thin long scratches on the ground. This is not to mention the Bigfoot that roams that side of the mountain. I myself have taken pictures of small humanoid beings that peer around a tree or a rock. They sometimes seem to smile or look confused, note I never see them as I shoot the photo, it would probably be too scary, only after I am back safe in my world do I view the photos of this other place, one of the many other worlds, we all exist next to.

Sleep tight; your dreams are another gateway to those other worlds. And a word of caution – never travel alone on the east-side of those other worlds (here around the sacred mountain).


In the Fey — see her pretty face — she is waiting for you on the other side of that mountain.