The perfect Sasquatch photo is it coming soon?—Is it all True Series # 343

I have personally been researching Sasquatch for most of my life, from reading everything I could find on the subject when I was in my teens to intense field research with Kewaunee Lapseritis my friend and amazing Sasquatch Contactee and a man of incredible paranormal abilities.
About 7 years ago I discovered vortex photography by accident on a mini-expedition with Kewaunee. Kewaunee who taken me to a powerful vortex (area of high and low electromagnetic field close together). I started taking random digital photos and low and behold in the first 20 photo there was what I believe was a youth Sasquatch sitting on a fence rail, see photo below. This was a long shot guessing maybe 200 yards or so and remember I didn’t see it when I originally took the photo.06 Only after I analyzed the photos back at our lodge did I see the image. I showed it to a local ranger and he said it’s ever one of two things (after he eliminated the bear possibility) a person in the middle of the hot summer with a fur coat on or a Sasquatch. So I believe it’s a Sasquatch sunning him or herself on the fence rail. But you judge, it is still a little blurry and small, but worth the consideration.
Now I have looked at hundreds of Sasquatch photos/ video, some seems very possible, but most of them are hoaxes of the worse degree. I do think the best video/ photo ever is still Patterson/Gimlin back in 1967. I have a close up of the face of the female and it’s amazing and the technology of the time to fake this didn’t exist. And as you know the photos were analyzed by some of the best in the field and they all gave it two thumbs up.

I believe with all the new cameras in circulation around the world now (smart phones, drones etc.) the perfect photo/ video is just around the corner. I must add here , even though Sasquatch is a shy being and doesn’t want to be photographed and is very excellent at hiding or disappearing into another dimension, his/face beautiful face is coming to mainstream media very soon.

Sleep tight, The Sasquatch people are here only to help save our planet, we both have the same earth mother.