Our Stone Circles – Respect to another Realm

Front yard Circle

There are sacred places, sacred ground, and sacred structures around the world. They were created by ancient human civilizations, some unknown, and others probably extraterrestrial all to show some respect for someone or something. And you can create your own in your backyard, we did and we call them our Stone Fairy Circles.

The most important element is the stones, some are simple, and other are quite fabulous, But all have a special divine energy. Some were here when we bought the house and others we found in from various places from around the northern part of Oregon and southern Washington. Many came from the Cascade Mountain trails, some from the woods around my Kids’ homes. Some came from Mt St Helen and many came from Oregon streams. Some of the larger pieces came from people in Oregon that quarry stone for jewelry and stone decorations, but all the stones carry magic, Fairy magic.

The stones of equal size are arranged in a general circle about 2 to 4 feet across Some of the circles are single and others are double-ringed. The stones are placed by physic feel making sure each stone is compatible with the next stone in the circle. I have even noticed at times the sequence has been changed overnight.  In the middle of the circles there are smaller stones even a few semi-precious ones, also marbles, antique jewelry, and other things shiny and sparkly as gifts to the Fairy people.

Of course around our circles, there are ferns and a large fairy tree ( as we call it) plus a wonderful natural water feature that anchors the backyard. Something new we have started to do is stacking stones ( combining harmonics of the stones) and also the arrangements has a very cool visual. The energy and peace around the circles are quite profound – producing an instant calming effect that can last the full day.

Sometimes out of the corner of our eyes, you see a movement among the ferns and other small vegetation. At night the area is lit with ground lights something while looking out the kitchen window something blocks the view of the lights for a brief moment, your mind races wondering what is causing it may be a small animal or something more mysterious.

Our Circles are a real joy and we hope the same holds true for the little ones the scurry around and stay in the corners of our eyes. So try it, build your own to show respect, reverence, and commune with another worldly Realm.   

Large Circle on the Isle of Skye —

Sleep tight

Reality is delightfully not what it seems