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So I guess it wasn’t an EMP – but a Super Cyber Hack — the event – hopefully it doesn’t bring the country down. And hopefully, this is not the Pre- attack, for something bigger?

This is  part two of last week’s Posting 10/02/20, things to do to survive an EMP event or another super disaster which could happen soon, 

Some of these suggestions come from a meeting I had with FEMA during my 2002 Olympic games experience, the meeting was about disaster preparedness. And other suggestions are from research I did over the years on survival training.

  1. Either decide to hunker down in your present residence and or decide on a safe place no more than 1 ½ hours from your residence
  2. Dense urban areas are not a good choice during a super disaster – people after 4 or 5 days get very strange especially ones that have not properly prepared and that will be 90 to 95% of the population 
  3. You will need a reliable safe source of water for 3 months minimal – 1 gal. per person per day minimum.
  4. Food 3 months or more – Can/ pouches goods – variety Fish like salmon – fruits, veggies. cooked and no heat needed. (( two manual can openers ))
  5. $300 cash per person– if you have coins or bullion take.
  6. Meds. daily ones 6 months – First aid kit and safety matches several flashlights, and battery lanterns, and plenty of extra batteries.
  7. Always keep your car gas tanks full and if possible 20 or more extra gals of gas, but don’t transport during the crisis – Remember very few Gas stations will have power – probably none.
  8. Buy a battery/Crank radio — shortwave, AM and FM model — 
  9. Weapons – if you are a non-gun person – a couple of baseball bats will come in handy.

The above list is for the basics and I am sure there are a few other items  you will want to have, But remember, you will have only 15 minutes to load your car and start your trip to your safe place , that is it, it’s critical to be on the road quickly before the rest of the world wakes up to this disaster. Now you will want  to load your car – as soon as you realize there is a total regional black-out( with no logical reason) also with no cell coverage. 

Next is your car hardened from the EMP blast?– here are two sites that discuss that


Is It Possible to Make Your Car EMP Proof?


 And there are more sites with helpful information. I have heard for some models and depending how close you are to the blast, by just disconnecting the battery and reconnecting does the trick . 

I hope none of the above is necessary ever – but I still say it’s 50/50 – and as I am writing this -the President just contacted COVID – another destabilizing moment – it doesn’t seem to stop. 

Sleep tight. And be prepared.


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