Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission 'Initiative 300' campaign begins

Jeff Peckman

* Denver UFO Examiner

The Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission ballot initiative is now officially ‘Initiative 300’ for the November 2, 2010 General Election in Denver. The voter education campaign started Sept. 1. A special
‘newspaper’ for voters is viewable in a series of articles linked to the EXTRA Campaign web site Voter Education page. An abbreviated hard copy for distribution will be printed soon.

The newspaper includes quotation excerpts from government insiders and whistleblowers about UFOs being real and extraterrestrial intelligent beings visiting Earth. Many well known political leaders and celebrities have witnessed UFOs not from Earth, called for disclosure, or were part of the cover-up. Here is a preview:

* “Yes, there have been ET visitations”- Apollo Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.
* “Flying Saucers are real” – Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, WWI Medal of Honor winner
* “The Phenomenon [UFO] is real…” – Mikhail Gorbachev
* “We didn’t file a report on the object because…they considered you a nut if you saw a UFO” – Ronald Reagan
* Muhammad Ali saw at least 22 UFOs.
* Elvis Presley saw UFOs and reported contact with extraterrestrial beings.
* Jimmy Carter filed a UFO report.

The following article titles from the Initiative 300 newspaper highlight a wide range of related issues:

Part 1 – Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission ‘Initiative 300’ voter education
(summary of commission cost, duties, reasons for creating commission, public safety, police officer’s ET contacts. Also links to document correcting Denver Budget and Management Director’s gross overestimate of potential reimbursable costs to the city from the ET Affairs Commission activities)

Part 2A – ‘Initiative 300’ – UFOs and news media censorship
(Eisenhower, CIA, Walter Cronkite, Sarah McClendon, Carl Bernstein, CBS News)

Part 2B – ‘Initiative 300’ – UFOs and entertainment media – truth disguised as ‘fiction’
(Edgar Mitchell, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, Hollywood)

Part 3 – ‘Initiative 300’ – suppressed ET technology creates human and monetary costs
(Maury Alberston – co-founder of Peace Corps, Philip J. Corso, Sr., extraterrestrial cure for cancer, Donald Rumsfeld, CIA money-siphoning, economic opportunities for Denver)

Part 4 – ‘Initiative 300’ – UFOs, astronauts, and NASA
(Astronauts: Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell, Neil Armstrong, NASA UFO cover-up, UK hacker Gary McKinnon, whistleblowers)

Part 5 – ‘Initiative 300’ – UFOs and Nukes, FAA, and Air Force Cover-up
(cover-up of UFOs at nuclear missile bases, General Nathan Twining, threats against UFO witnesses, Wernher von Braun “big lie” of alien invasions)

Part 6 – ‘Initiative 300’ – political and religious leaders, UFOs and ETs
(Presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Reagan. Hillary Clinton, Tom Tancredo, former AZ Governor Fyfe Symington, UN Resolution, Mikkail Gorbachev, UK PM David Cameron, EU Parliament Declaration, Monsignor Balducci – Vatican, Father Funes – Vatican Observatory

Part 7 – ‘Initiative 300’ – ET Affairs Commission full text and online petition

Part 8 – ‘Initiative 300’ – UFOs and opinion polls
(Poll samples 1966-2009, Gallup, Mensa Society, Astronomical Society, Pilots, Youth, Women, Associated Press, Newsweek, CNN/TIME, Life Magazine, Roper, AOL, Channel 7 News Denver, MSNBC, LA Times)

A major criticism by the EXTRA Campaign is the suppression of advanced extraterrestrial technologies that could cure serious diseases like cancer and eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Politicians running for office will especially want to take notice of the Initiative 300 newspaper. In the past, key leaders of both major U.S. political parties have either had UFO sightings or called for disclosure of UFO files. And this year, conservatives have been more open and progressive than liberals in discussing the topics of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.

View all 8 pages of the Initiative 300 voter education paper.