Truth – Cosmic Mission – Is it all True Series # 265

I have debated, mostly with myself, what the most important universal concept is. Universal, meaning important to every different type of being that inhabits this world and all other worlds in our vast universe. And I am also throwing in the dimensional layers that exist, which could be maybe 10 or 12 dimensions. So the math on this is amazing, at the very least millions of different beings. I have narrowed it down to two important concepts, Love and Truth. I know many of you reading this would pick Love as the most important concept in the universe, and I agree it’s an amazing choice. But I say without Truth, Love has no legs. And Truth does not need Love to exist. I believe there are places in the universe where Love does not exist, sad places, but places where beings do function and are lost to the concept of Love.

Now Truth on the other hand, is essential, for it is the binding force that holds advanced civilizations/realms together. Once Truth is gone the civilization is also gone. I have for most of my life researched in the area of abductees and contactees and have concluded from those interviews several interesting things such as, finding the Truth is a cosmic mission. There are beings whose only mission is to travel the universe to find the basic truths, both small and large.

A pure Truth is a very difficult thing to find. It is like looking for a golden ring dropped in the vast muddy Mississippi. But once the golden ring of Truth is found, it carries the greatest pure knowledge, that knowing it can move mountains. For our civilization to survive the coming crisis we must search for the pure Truths and not be swayed by lies and part truths, nothing less than the absolute will do here.

Sleep tight, I consider myself a Truthseeker; my journey is hard and long, but the golden ring is always out there to find.