My Life Manifesto — Sandy Penny

SandyPennyMy Life Manifesto
by Sandy Penny, 2-2-2015

I never wanted to compete with others, only with myself. Even as a child, I wanted to create cooperation, not competition. Growing up with nine brothers and sisters was competition enough. I wanted to learn something new every day, and I have. I have always strived to be better at the things I choose to do, to improve processes, to innovate, to organize. I have always endeavored to leave a job better than I found it. I subscribed to the old adage, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I intend each day to ask myself if I’m living from love or fear, and to always choose love.

I hope, when I leave this world, that I have had a positive impact on those I’ve known, and that I have done as little harm as is humanly possible. I intend, every day, as Ghandi advised, to be the love I want to see in the world, to treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. I intend to leave every person with whom I interact feeling better than when we met, without attachment and expectations. If one person has been helped by me, if I have lifted anyone’s suffering, made anyone smile, then I have lived a life worth living. And, for myself, I want only to be the highest and best expression my soul intends for my earthly life, knowing that when I leave this world, I feel complete with each and every sacred relationship I forged, and every relationship is sacred.

I commit to using and fulfilling the purpose of each chakra, each energy center within me, to express the colors of the rainbow that is me. I open myself to the golden connection that is my crown chakra, that I may bring more spirit into matter. I connect with the source of all light and open my inner and outer vision that I may see myself, others, my life, and the world clearly and through the love that manifests all creation. I connect with the source of all words and align my voice with the voice of love and joy. I align my mind with the universal consciousness that I may raise my thoughts to higher realms and transcend all negativity of the human consciousness, that I may think in more creative ways, that I may inspire higher thinking through all that I touch, that I may express right thought, right speech and right action for each and every situation I encounter, that I may share wisdom when needed. I clarify and align my feelings and emotions with unconditional love that I may create sacred partnerships throughout my life, knowing that all relationships are sacred and deserve love and compassion. I align and restore my physical body to the perfection in which it was created that I may walk this earth, strong and healthy, and follow my own path on my own journey of spirit flowing into matter and matter returning to spirit, a conduit of love, light, joy and completion.

As I awoke this morning, these thoughts were running through me, and I wanted to write them down, to remind myself that this is my life creed, and that I intend to live it fully, and I am. I am a spark of infinite love emanating from the unlimited stream of love divine. I am a bubbling spring of joy and wisdom to quench the thirst of all who drink it in. As I intend, so shall it be, for intention inspires action, and action creates and manifests. I am creator, manifestor and the artist of my own life.

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all the good I am, all the good I have, and all the good I share. And so it is, and I am grateful.

Posted by Sandy Penny at 12:32 PM

July 2012 Knowledge Newsletter by Sharon Cheney

Dear friends,

2012 is a pivotal point between the end of one 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Recent cosmic events like the Venus transit, the lunar eclipse, and other celestial happenings are seeding a new consciousness on this planet. These celestial events indicate that now is the time to let go of duality, welcome oneness and understand the interconnectedness of all life. Each new cosmic event is helping us to release, transform and heal our energy so that new beliefs and a new way of being can blossom both personally and globally.

Letting Go

Our minds and hearts both welcome and resist this change. This can leave us with a feeling of unrest. Many people are feeling this shift in the energy and are realizing they can no longer procrastinate about making changes in their lives. Cosmic forces are forcing us to redefine what we understand as life. The illusions of separation and discord as a way of life are releasing their grip. We need to welcome and embrace our new state of being because there really is no going back. We each have a choice to move forward now or remain behind in duality consciousness.

Sometimes we want others to help us understand what is happening as change can make us feel uncomfortable. We want assurance that a wonderful future awaits us in order to motivate us to let go of the past. We are experiencing such an enormous change on the planet that no one can say for sure what will happen. We are each and every one of us creating the future every day, so be sure to do your part by being heart centered and loving rather than full of fear. So don’t leave it up to others to create the world you want to live in. This is the time for each person to become sovereign, self-realized and to recognize and own our power.

So what does this change require? It involves letting go of the expectations we hold for ourselves and others including our kids, family members, partners, friends, the world at large, etc. It means redefining how we want our life to be in the future rather than basing our future on how it has been so far. Many of us have had lives filled with bad experiences. If you don’t want these to continue, you must live in the present moment. Treat each moment like a blank slate rather than programming it with past experiences. Our futures are not supposed to look like our past. If we want our future to be different, we must act and think differently in order for this to happen.

We must let go of old wants and desires as these may not be what is for our highest good. We must be in a state of receptivity and welcome new experiences and people into our lives rather than rejecting them because they do not fit our picture of what we want or how life should be. How do you know that these new experiences will not be better for you than what you want or have presently unless you give yourself a chance to experience them firsthand?

We must let go of our self-filling prophesies which color our every interaction. This may be difficult to do as the beliefs we hold define both our attitude and behavior. But it is possible to make these changes if we are conscious of what we are thinking and doing all the times and choose not live on auto pilot.

We must be in full acceptance of ourselves and others. Without love and acceptance we are not in a state of receptivity. When we are not receptive, we will not attract new positive experiences into our lives.

Stop judging yourself and others as judging keeps us locked into old patterns of thinking and behaving. Judgment creates distance between people and prevents you from being the truly loving person you really are. Judging labels people and then puts them in a box so we don’t need to actively deal with them.

Open yourself to love and positive things manifesting in your life. You can ask for what you want but the trick to getting it is to be open to receiving. This means you must let go of any beliefs about not being good enough or deserving. Let go of old habits, anything you dislike about yourself, toxic or joyless relationships, excess physical stuff, and anyone or anything that does not bring you joy.

Open your heart completely. I understand this can make you feel vulnerable but without an open heart how can you love yourself and all life? Without risk we gain nothing. Loving ourselves and others can sometimes be a risky business as things may not always turn out as we expected, but you will richer for the experience.

Embrace what is new and showing up in your life every day. Monitor yourself all to time to be sure you are thinking positively, and refrain from repetitive or “what if” thinking, which is fear based. Living consciously is being aware in every moment. This requires we need to ask ourselves frequently during our day “Are we really enjoying what we are doing right now or are we doing it because we have to? If you are doing it because you have to, then it is definitely time for a change.

We must give ourselves the freedom to be who we truly are not who we think we should be to please others. We are all magnificent souls who have chosen to be here to herald in this new consciousness on the planet. We ALL have something valuable to contribute or else we would not have chosen to be embodied here at this time. As we awaken, each of us will understand what our contribution should be and the role we are to play in this rebirthing process. So stop acting like a spectator or waiting for some crisis to compel you to act. Do something about it today.

Practice S.T.A.R. Star stands for Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.

Surrender your old habits, fears, old beliefs and way of being. If you refuse to surrender it will be difficult to move forward. Ask yourself how these old beliefs and habits serve you, as all behavior serves us in some way. Does it keep you tied to the past? Does it prevent you from thinking about new ways of doing things or discovering who you really are and what you are capable of?

Trust requires we walk into the future with our hearts open, full of love even if we don’t know what the future will hold. A great affirmation to use is “I trust everything will be okay” even when we don’t know what okay will look like. This will help you to remain calm through these changes.

Allowing – Many of us have a tendency to want to control things because we have an underlying fear that things will go out of control. Below that is a lack of trust. Fear always limits us and holds us back. Being allowing or in a receptive state attracts new experiences to come into our lives. This could involve new people and new opportunities presenting themselves. We should watch our tendencies to dismiss these new situations either because they come unexpectedly or they don’t look like what we want. Our soul has requested these opportunities to come into our awareness. Naturally it is up to use to welcome them or not.

Receiving – If you don’t love yourself you will not be in a position to receive any goodies such as love, abundance, good health, friends, lovers, etc. into your life. While we all want these things, we are not always open to receiving them. The possibilities of these things manifesting in our lives are always present but our thinking and actions will determine whether they manifest or not due to the Law of Attraction. Until we love ourselves and believe we deserve them, they will not manifest in our lives. To be receptive involves learning to love ourselves completely and not depend on others for love, approval, acceptance, etc.

For Seekers Only – Frank Wolak presents at New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum’s March Event – Is it all true Series ? #178

For Seekers Only – Frank Wolak presents at New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum’s March Event

Frank Wolak is a man of diversity; the highlights of his career path are as follows: second Lt. US Army Engineer, West Point Graduate, Master of Science, Nuclear Engineer MIT, oversaw construction of a nuclear reactor in Alaska, and over the last 30 years he has studied and researched the positive side of life and all its possibilities.

Frank discussed the concepts that affect our personal life and all its challenges and the intense positive energy of the Universe and its role in granting the answers to what we desire. He walked us through the 24,500-year cycle and the present movement between the third and the fourth dimensions. If you are a seeker and you take advantage of the opportunity that the Universe will offer, you can move on to the next dimension.

Frank spoke with great knowledge about how we all have free will, how we obtain it and how we need to keep it. The theme I enjoyed the most was that we are all God. You are a creator, and you are a God. Love of everything makes us as I say “Big”, and Fear is humanity’s biggest issue – as I say it makes us very small. We as humans have been in a brainwash mode since we were babies. We have been fed fear to keep us in a sub-potential role here on earth.

Frank spent a good portion of his discussion on the role of the right and left-brains. Frank is saying as we shift in the next year or so, we or some of us will start shifting more into a right brain world, a God consciousness world. The shift to 4th dimension will be an era of no time/space, only energy.

And to the infinite only ask what you agreed to, and you will be satisfied forever. And one last thing: Frank made us do an exercise – make a list from your heart of the things that you desire and give it to the infinite. Put the list in a safe place and forget about it. Wonderful things will happen to you and when you get the list out of that safe place, you will see the infinite spirit has lived up to the agreement it made with you, when you came to hang, here on earth.

Sleep Tight – in the future you will not need to sleep, for energy doesn’t sleep. Oh and one more Frankism – Don’t reject anything that is put in front of you.