Are the Transcenders using 1111 Phenomena to stay in touch? Is it all True Series #156

First in review, many people from around the world have been witnessing 1111 or related numbers like 2222 or 4444, etc. This has been happening for many years to some and personally I am in my 4th year. Several times daily we see it, on clocks, in emails, street signs and even when the power goes out it will flash 11:11 instead of the typical 12:00. All too strange, all too often. We who come from all walks of life are both blessed and cursed. Blessed if you believe it’s something personally positive and cursed as there is no easy answer to the why or the when.

When is something related to these 1111 sightings going to happen and when is it going to stop? Is there a strange and powerful force for good behind all this, or is doom around the corner? There are many questions and no answers – that is the frustration. So who could be behind this? Some say a group of spirit beings called the Midwayers. Or I am thinking maybe a group called the Transcenders, of Stanley Fulham fame (as some of us remember the Oct. 13th prophecy, a now non-event; see my Oct 09 2010 posting under Prophecy Corner.)

So these Transcenders, real or not, may have left their galaxy years ago, and even traveling in a worm-hole vortex it could take them 50 or so years to get here to save us. Save us from excessive CO2 earth poisoning, of course, as the Transcenders say this death sentence has happened thousands of times around the universe.

But thoughts of numbers are the universal language and can travel instantly through the universe. So as they are making their way here, they are projecting this code to us and some people can perceive it. So when the Transcenders’ 150 mile long ships get here, per Stan (the ex-NORAD military official), will they have a big smiley face followed by 1111 banner strapped to the side of the ship?

If this scenario would happen, the only question I would like answered would be “what took you so long”??

Sleep Tight – If you visualize 1111 before you dream/sleep, upon awakening it may follow you all your future days until…?