Covid-19 – Vaccine – Transhumanism

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

Covid-19 is a multi-dimensional being, which in my estimation is delivering messages to our RNA and our DNA. But I am not sure yet, are these messages good or bad, are they strictly changes or are they enhancements? The virus has this amazing ability to get into our cells and muck with them. And most of the time we are just a pass-through vehicle with no change or no harm done.

That brings us to transhumanism, the melding of human bio with other non-human bio or even AI. So Covid-19 could be a vector to start the trans-human process- make us into this new being. or new species, or Human 2.0.

Now the vaccine, I must start this off with a disclaimer statement I am not a fan of vaccines. But I acknowledge their success in conquering some very bad diseases, polio, yellow fever, smallpox, and a few others, but our drug companies have in the last 20 years changed the definition of the word vaccine – to the “goose that lays the golden eggs”, trying to vax us for everything and its beating up our bodies and weakening our own immune system.

So the Covid19 vax race is on and a new player has surfaced the mRNA vaccine, where particles similar to the real virus are injected into you and making your body create synthetic genes and they in theory provide the body with a safe target to create immunity. Also maybe not a good thing, those Synthetic genes can be patented by the drug company and strangely enough those synthetic genes become part you and owned by the drug company. Go figure. And as we are going warp speed to create these vaccines with Synterinc genes – we have no idea what the long term effect on the human genome will be.

Sleep tight – 2020 will be over in less than 100 days , but will we have survived ?


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