Earth’s Magnetic Shift and Rip Zones

Our planet’s magnetic field normally flips every 200,000 to 300,000 years  – north pole to south pole. It is 500 to 600 thousands years overdue. The magnetic field has been weakening by roughly 5%, every 10 years. A weakening or unstable magnetic field could be a sign that a reversal is about to occur. The strength of the magnetic field normally fluctuates quite a bit, but the rate that this appears to be happening is larger than normal. The field appears to be weakening about ten times faster than previously predicted, indicating that an event could be coming sooner than first projected. All this information, was from a Swarm Science meeting in Copenhagen this Summer.

I do vortex photography made possible on the principle of portals created by earth’s Magnetic field. When an area on  earth has high magnetic readings, next to a low magnetic reading, a Rip Zone is created, where  interesting beings and creatures from another time or dimensional plane, can come through to our world in our present  time.

About 28 years ago, much lower than normal magnetic readings were reported in Eastern  Canada, from the Hudson Bay area to the Atlantic ocean and  on the edge of this area were Rip Zones. Also note, this area, suffered a massive blackout in 1989 from a Solar Flare event because of its weak magnetic field .  During this same period, there were many UFO sightings. I believe the alien crafts, used the Rip Zones around the weakened magnetic field, to  easily come through the portals. 

In recent months, there has been weakening magnetic areas in Amazonian areas of South America and Southeast Asia , so I believe Rip Zones will develop in the near future in those areas. This will thin the veil, allowing anything good or bad to come through until the magnetic shift happens and the portals close. These areas will also be vulnerable to massive power grid issues from Solar activity, since the protective shield from the earth is becoming weaker by the year.

The concerning question is, what happens to the the beings or creatures that came through to our side? Will they leave before the magnetic shift is completed and the  portals close  or stay with an unknown agenda ?

Sleep tight ,  If you start seeing UFOs and other paranormal activity near your home blame it on a weakening magnetic fields and a portal opening up. Eyes open, no fear, be safe.


My Amazing Adventure Through a Vortex: Part 2— Is it all True Series #242

Please read Part 1 from last weekend’s posting. First, I would like to thank my host and best friend Kewaunee Lapseritis for his hard work and skills in putting together this great trip. Buy one of his books, get a vortex map dowsed, or maybe even plan an amazing adventure of your own- call him at 425-844-8409.
During our trip through the vortex area there was a large Sasquatch footprint in the mud in the middle of our path. Although the mud/water had filled in some of the print there was no mistaking it.
So the first three nights we enjoyed a series of hootings. The first time I heard the hoots my hair all over my body stood straight up. It was quite a shock that Sasquatch and Ancient Ones were so very close to the camp.
Next as we continued to walk through the Vortex, suddenly a shrub bush off to the left of our path started to violently move back and forth for several minutes. Note there was no wind and it seemed like an invisible force was moving the shrub. Kewaunee said it was an Ancient One showing his or her presence. A similar incident happened as we drove down the mountain, there were a series of plastic guideposts on the side of the road and once again one of posts suddenly went crazy- a Sasquatch telling us “hello.”
Then there was an incident that was even stranger. I was lying in my sleeping bag and something touches my left shoulder. It was a soft but firm touch, like two large fingers. Note that my back was facing the tent wall and I was facing Kewaunee who was sleeping across the tent. I didn’t immediately tell him of the incident but the next morning he mentioned to me first, that he had asked “them” to touch my shoulder to let me know their presence. Only after he mentioned his request to them, I told him it had happened that night before.
Sleep tight, more strangeness in Part 3 to come next week.