Zecharia Sitchin, man of no fear and big ideas -Is it all True Series #162

Sitchin died nearly 2 months ago, so it is about time for me to say a few words in honor of a man who was not afraid to stand and say his beliefs. His main, core belief was that mankind was created by ETs, or as some say, the ancient astronaut theory.

Zecharia wrote a series of very popular books which sold millions of copies in 25 different languages. He had a pop culture following of loyal disciples. I always enjoyed his 12th planet idea – the idea that the planet Nibiru comes sliding though our solar system every 3600 years and gets very near earth, and the beings that occupy that planet sort of jump off and visit us and collect minerals, gold etc. And during one of the visits they decided to create a few helpers to mine the minerals they needed. Those helpers were us guys, us wild and crazy humans.

I didn’t think much of the Sitchin story until years later during a couple of abductee interviews. They told a very similar story about a planet that comes close to earth periodically and that there were interactions with a group of beings similar to humans that left behind some of their undesirables and they became our ancient ancestors. I was very careful to see if they knew of Sitchin before our conversation and they assured me they had never heard of him before.

During Zecharia’s last years he came under more criticism as more independent researchers were challenging his theories. But he stayed strong not giving in to his critics. I had the pleasure of twice hearing him speak and meeting him in person. He was a feisty little man who when pushed would push back hard, very hard, and he had made some enemies over his 90 long years. I think his strong belief in his research kept him alive and going, traveling, writing and researching the history of mankind; he walked the walk. I admired him because he was not afraid to do what he loved. Sitchin may not have been 100% on, but I believe by 2050 we will see that he was 90% there.

Sleep tight – Nibiru is probably our heaven and our hell.