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  1. Hey, my name is Jessica, I go by Jess for short. I am 24 and for probably the passed 6/7 years have been on what was then a subconscious but now very inventive spiritual journey of awareness and understanding. I’ve had a couple unexplainable things happen to me in 2011/2012, the first being an interaction with what I believe was an ET. I was standing on a hill at a music festival, waiting for my friends to refill their waters so we could resume our hike to the stage. I was under some LSD and while this might raise eyebrows for a few, was not something that effected my cognitive ability, but actually heightens it, as it always has, having some increible, life changing revelations on the passed. So I’m standing on the hill, staring out into the vast and beautiful landscape filled with pools of people and chaos, deeply pondering something I can’t quite remember in my head, I’m alone and suddenly I see a flash/sparkle next to me and I kid you not its s being at least 7 1/2 ft tall (I’m 5’2 and this is a roundabout estimation, it was towering over me and my head was permanently cocked at 180° angle, jaw presumably on the ground) this being says nothing, it is very psychedelic as you would imagine one of those DMT interdimensional beings illustrated on the internet to look, it was many colors, mainly blue and pink, very sparkly, very shiny, very hypnotic and unable to take your eyes off it. No hair, always like drag make up on, what was odd was it had a very human-esque face. Deep large eyes, completely locked in them the whole time. So I’m speechless, I’m gaping in awe, it knows this, its got a very smug, playful look on his face. So he does something with his hands, he’s moving something and forming a “ball” of this cosmic energy in front of his body, tracing different lines and (I’m assuming) geometric patterns in it, he’s conjuring something beautiful and clearly knows this is slowly mind and I am left stooped like a wide eyes idiot. A more mischievous look spreads across his face as he says “want to play a game?” well I did, but I was so nervous/scared, I knew I was tripping my balls off, was in an unfamiliar area, only knew a few people at the festival, was a fish out of water and didn’t want to separate from the few people I knew. So I’m trying to spit out words (I was so stunned it was hard” I said “I can’t…..I’m with someone….”I’m, umm…” I’m whipping my head around looking for my crew of friends, scanning all the heads out the water station, searching for familiarity, but everything feels off. Just the tint of the word looked different. Everything was darker, I could see people, moving people, but could not see their faces. It was confusing, indistinguishable, and although I was standing there I felt a major disconnect with my surroundings, like I was in an alternate reality. I whip my head around and look back up at him with a furrowed brow, still unable to say anything, he’s looking down at me with another beyond coy and smug smile, an expecting look on his face like he’s waiting me to realize this. I whip my head around again and start frantically looking for faces to recognize, all of a sudden, *time* is moving faster, whip my head back to the entity, it is now gone, whip my head back to the water stations, all of a sudden I feel a vortex like motion develop around me and embody me, I’m spinning very fast, everything is getting really dark as the colors and blending together and I’m losing sight, I spin back into my body, literally FEEL myself ZAP into my body, and as this happens I JUMPED high into the air, I don’t know how high, but man…..it only takes me a matter of seconds to gain my bearings again and exclaim “WHAT THE F*CK JUST HAPPENED?!?! DID YOU SEE THAT?! DID YOU SEE WHO I WAS TALKING TO?!” nobody did. And the more intent I was in figuring it what I just experienced/who I just talked to, the crazier I knew I was sounding. Everyone knew I was tripping and dismissed it as a hallucination/embellishment of perceived reality. It wasn’t. Don’t care for the perception of lsd, I don’t get all melt in a puddle can’t talk/function inebriated, it does the opposite for me. I feel more highly attuned, more reflective, insightful, what have you. But I gain a since of higher understanding, I become wiser and more contemplative, and its frustrating because its not something I can talk about or open up to about ANYONE because NOBODY understands it and think I’m just some crazy person with an even crazier “vision!” I think about it all the time, I isn’t know why it happened to me, at the point I was on the point of spiritually opening myself up and attuning myself to the higher and loving frequencies of the universe and was super receptive to all light that came my way. I think it may have just been aligned with my spiritual consciousness to evolve, it was “manifested” into my path because I was so curious and receptive to the universe, i don’t know. About six months later on, believe it or not, 12/21/12, I saw a ufo. I stayed up almost every night stargazing and meditating for hours outside, why I don’t know but I was really dedicated at the time. After months and months of doing this, on that specific night, I saw one. I would love to send you a photo mllf my illustration, I want to talk to you more about this, you seem like a very intelligent and wise beyond years type of person with a lot of information about this very eerie phenomena. This thread/website gave me a lot of closure and peace reading. I may not be alone. Thank you so much. I’m sorry for rambling, I tried to wrap it up and focus on the main points, its just so weird I want to detail everything I remembered! Love and light to you, again, thanks for taking the time 🙂 ~jess

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