Movie/TV Recommendations

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Inconvenient Truth- Al Gore- All comes down to CO2 Must see

Bamako- Danny Glover- IMFs- death to Africa

Carnivale – HBO- Very Deep

FireFly- HBO/Showtime – Wonderful

Dead Like Me- HBO- What a Prize could watch 24/7

Prison Break- Fox- They do a few things right

“300”- Spartons- Masterpiece of Life , freedom, and blood.

Big Love – HBO/ Showtime- Interesting relationship in the strange world of Multi-Wives

V for Vendetta- Natalie Portman John Hurt- “Truth Only” tales of our future ?

Super Size Me – Morgan Spurlock and Vegan Girlfriend- Must see ( Corps. Kill )

Eureka- Sci-fi Channel -Delightful- Like LANL in NM.

Freedom Writers- Great cast of many- Good feeling Stuff some tears

The Last Mimzy- Two great Kids- In all Fantasy there is a bite of truth

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer- Hoffman, Rickman- Wow from another world.

PU 239 — Russian Error— Very Intense

Into the Wild- Emile Hirsch, Hal Holbrook —- Based on the True Story

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  1. Include Eureka in the list too!

    Eureka is about a small town that is directly linked with a-lot of covert government projects including military operations, climate-change ordeals, paranormal phenomenon (ghosts, dopplegangers, etc.). It’s an excellent show! Season 1 ended, but it’s out on DVD. Season 2 will be back July 22 on Scifi!

  2. What about the 1997 Deja Vu by Henry Jaglom and Victoria Holt, and let’s not overlook the wonderful quantum physics lessons in the short run Joan of Arcadia and all the metaphors that wove string theory into possible real life adventure.

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