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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Well, let me start off by saying that I believe this website is a good start for a blog to discuss what humans consider paranormal events and other occult mysteries. I would like to make a suggestion to include some things on this site though. My father, Albert S. Rosales, is a UFO-Humanoid Enthusiast and has been for over 30 years already. You can search him on Google and you’ll automatically notice that he is referenced in just about every UFO-Humanoid website that compiles individual cases. Most of these cases come from him. I would like to present you with those cases so you can place for everyone to see. These are cases that are absolutely compelling, chilling at times, positive, negative, and even dumbfounding. He currently has files from since 1000 B.C. (or B.C.E.) all the way to modern times (2007 the most). It’s wonderfully updated with experiences people report directly to him via e-mail and with the multiple message forums he belongs to (Unexplained Mysteries and

    Here’s the link to all his compilations:

    *The latest humanoid experience occured June 6th, 2007*

    All these cases should be advertised for all to see. It has certainly helped a-lot of contactees come forward with their experiences to him via e-mail. His site will truly serve as an asset to your site because I’m sure many people are especially interested in hearing about flying entities, MIB, reptilians, reticulans, amphibians, greys, and others.

    His e-mail is

    He will appreciate all feedback he gets…

    And as he mentions on the site:
    [quote]Encounters by humans with entities of unknown origin were continually reported in the decade of the 90’s. Many of these were so-called abduction incidents and many were solitary encounters with bizarre entities of numerous descriptions that I sometimes refer to as “rogue humanoids.” Having been involved in UFO research one way or another since the early 70’s, my fascination has always been with the UFO “occupant” encounters.[/quote]


    Visit this site: and enter “message forums”…

    There, you’ll see a forum on “Alien Abductions/Entities”, “UFOs”, “Cryptozoology”, “Paranormal and Occult”, and a host of other files, including declassified government reports on the alien phenomenon..

  2. I’ve been in contact with Mike and can say we’ve become friends over discussing vortex photography. I’ve shared many photos and sketches with Mike and would welcome those to be shared with anyone he sees fit to view including anyone visiting this forum.

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