Ones Among US- part 2 – Is it all True Series #358


As I have stated in part 1, during my 45 plus years of research, I would come across stories of people seeing strange non-humans living among us. Some of these stories are my own and I will share one in this posting.

This is another restaurant experience as I was traveling through New Mexico to Tucson I stopped at a Holiday Inn. After an uneventful night’s stay, My ex-wife and I decided to eat at a small café. My ex-wife and I ordered a typical American breakfast of eggs, bacon and coffee. At that point all seemed normal, but suddenly my attention was drawn toward the front door, four odd people walked, rather glided towards the table next to ours. They were not human by a longshot. They did resemble a family though two taller beings male and female and younger boy and girl looking. Large heads, small flat noses, very white pale skin. Their clothing was strange and ill-fitting but very colorful. Their eyes were large, almond shaped dark, very dark. Interestingly, their waitress never blinked an eye at their strangeness and served them as normal humans.

The four beings sat there very motionless. Once their food was served, they never took a bite. The one tall adult male only once turned mechanically and gave me a stern stare and turned back, looking straight forward. The stare seemed to tell me, I know you can see us, but we don’t care. My ex-wife thought they looked strange be not as alien as I saw them. So as we finished our breakfast, they suddenly stood straight up and turned together and glided out the door and no one noticed except me. I quickly followed them out but they had disappeared, which was quite amazing considering I was only 5 seconds behind them.

Sleep tight – and pay attention you never know what you might see tomorrow.

The Doppelganger and the Portal–Is it all True Series # 316

untitledDoppelganger in German it means a look-alike, a double of a living person. From a paranormal perspective there would be a sensation of having glimpsed oneself in one’s own peripheral vision with no chance of the supposed phenomenon having been a reflection.

A doppelganger is often perceived as a sinister form of being in two places at once and is regarded by some as a sign that bad luck is coming. In some traditions, a doppelganger seen by a person’s relative or friend portends illness or danger while seeing one’s own doppelganger is said to be an omen of death.
Recent scientific experimentation has duplicated several doppelganger effects when electrical stimulation was applied to the left temporoparietal junction of a patient’s brain.

In contemporary times, the doppelganger is often used in a more general sense to identify any person that physically or behaviorally resembles another person.

So what do portals between dimensions have to do with doppelgangers? I believe you have a higher chance of seeing your double if you are near a portal/vortex where there are high fluctuations of electrical energy. This brain stimulation is the vehicle to see your double, and it may even appear to interact with you. Portals are areas of thin veil where inter-dimensional beings can come and play. I also believe the human mind in a dream state can also produce at times this powerful electrical pulse to contact this other world and your double.

People who have talked to me about their doubles see them as their double behavioral beings and not as look-alikes. But it is very clear these doubles carry the life essences of the other. I will write more about this in the future because human institutions have tapped into this phenomenon and may be using it for a darker side of reality.

Sleep tight, your double is not far from you.