Implants and Implanted Memories–Is it all True Series # 296

implantSince the early 1960’s, there have been reports of implants from a non-human source. We are talking about alien implants; although let’s not rule out the possibility that 1990’s military groups may have obtained similar technologies. I have done hundreds of interviews with abductees in the past, and I estimate that about one in ten of these people reported strange lumps and bumps somewhere on their bodies. The typical locations were the upper legs, back of the neck, between their toes, and the ears.

The reasons for alien implants vary; some speculate that they are tracking devices or mind control receivers. Roger Leir was a successful foot doctor in California when he started seeing small lumps on people’s feet. He didn’t believe the stories from some of the people that thought these bumps were alien implants so he decided to disprove the theory. Today after performing dozens of surgeries to remove these implants, he is more of a believer today that someone implanted these devices probably for some sinister reason.

These implants were originally metallic in natural and developed with a protective membrane around them as they reside in the body. But more recently the implants seem to be made of a more composite material that does not develop this strange outer coating like the older versions. Many of the implants emit a radio frequency and are attached directly to a nerve ending, which can be very painful when they are removed. And more interestingly many are removed with absolutely no scars. It is also believed the implants are activated by a particular internal human body substance and so when removed they are automatically deactivated.

This implant technology if real is quite amazing, and chances are that some people have had them in their bodies for 50+ years. I truly believe that a minimum of 5% of the total population on earth is carrying implants from both human and non-human sources.

Sleep tight, for the world is not even a bit like it seems.