Newsletter from Generessa Rose, 11.07.11 Transition is afoot – Spiritual Exfoliation

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, transition is afoot . . . in many forms! I recently
attended the memorial service of a woman who had been devoted to a
metaphysically-oriented spiritual path. At the service, the minister
asked us to focus on her as we meditated, extending our love and
helping to send her on her way into the next phase of her existence.

After I closed my eyes and began psychically tuning in to her, I
immediately saw that she was attending her own memorial service,
non-physically. It figured . . . she was a very outgoing, social
person and would not have missed her own memorial.

When she appeared to me during the meditation, her personality and
energy was the same even though her existence had changed form. We
communicated briefly, noting our conversation earlier this year in
which she had been extremely focused on selling her home and moving to
a particular town. (My psychic intuition had not seen her moving
there, but did see her circulating among new people.) With her
characteristic humor, she told me during the meditation that she did
not know at the time that her very strong urge to move was actually
THE BIG MOVE. (And she will, indeed, be circulating with new people!)

The part of my experience at the memorial service that I particularly
want to share with you is that when the group was meditating, sending
her great love and megawatts of Light, I saw the following: As I
watched, a huge explosion of light and high-frequency love hit her
aura, causing some tiny dark bits to be demolished. She responded to
this experience with transcendent joy and deep satisfaction: a
fantastic High for her! It was as though she had been given the most
beautiful and delicious spa treatment. Watching the amazing process,
it looked to me like SPIRITUAL EXFOLIATION before she traveled on to
her next destination! Off with the old before moving on to the new.

Many transitions are taking place. Know that your love and
high-frequency thoughts sent to others can be effective, helpful and a
beautiful gift to offer.

Much love to you as you ride the shifting wave of life,

Generessa Rose
. . . Be the love you are

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