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Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee, the lifetime Editor in Chief of the Washington Post, was a man of amazing charisma, courage and guts. He was the backbone to the Watergate scandal and the Pentagon Papers that broke wide-open two high-profile historic events. He gently rode Bernstein and Woodward to greatness. Bradlee did what few would ever achieve, he un-covered two of the most profound conspiracies in modern times. And with Bradlee’s, Woodward’s and Bernstein’s hard work the result created the only resignation of a President in the history of our country.

So if Bradlee was alive and a younger man and he had the amazing evidence of the thousands of professionals, in the fields of engineering, architecture, pilots, law enforcement, firefighters, demolition experts, we are talking of 5,000+ of the best brains in the world, when it came this one profound event would he believe, would he act?
The event I am speaking of is 911, the most powerful brain screw ever. Why has only 3 % of our population here in the US fully awaken to the greatest tyranny of our times? People in trusted areas of our government conspired and killing 3000+ people here in the US and hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Mideast based on total known lies.
This event is 100 times more impacting than Watergate and the Pentagon Paper combined. This group of dark creatures stole part of our souls, as a result of their corruption, and lies. This one event will slowly kill our country, but we cannot bury the truth. Only the truth will make us whole as humans and Americans.

Ben Bradlee is the type of man we need to push the facts to show the truth and get our country back from the tyrants who stole it. Bradlee’s credibility could have been the catalyst to a new world truth. If this lie goes untold, the next horrific event will be 1000 times more impacting and will end humankind as we know it.

Sleep-tight, Like Ben Bradlee (who died last week) a larger than life truth seeker will ride into town – the facts are every-where, we await the catalyst to ignite the truth in the hearts and minds of all Americans and save our country.

Something we should never forget- but we are , and the lies and the lies.

More good news on 9/11– PBS documentary from Colorado (1st link)…

Watch 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out on PBS. See more from KBDI.

Why revisit 9/11?
Our world changed that day…
2,744 lives lost in New York… and counting…
1 million lives lost in Afganistan & Iraq… and counting…
6,000 troops lost in the ‘War on Terror’… and counting…
$4.5 Trillion – War on Terror cost to U.S. taxpayers…
precious civil liberties removed by the
Patriot Act
Military Commissions Act
Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2012).
Today, Americans can be…
subject to search and seizure without a warrant…
detained or imprisoned indefinitely…
without charge…
without evidence…
without a lawyer…
without a trial…
or even tortured…
or assassinated
merely for being accused
of being associated with terrorism.
Ignoring the World Trade Center evidence
is no longer an option.
It’s a public safety issue.
It’s time for the public to
enforce the law because our
public servants have failed to do so.
No proper investigation or formal
announcements of disclosure have
taken place in 11 years.
Instead, we have been given 11 yrs
of tightening, entrapping legislation.
Acts of treason in time of war
can be punishable by death.