Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 97

Location. Near Wakefield, England
Date: March 31 2010 Time: 11:30 a.m.
The witness (requesting anonymity) began having strange experiences some time in 2009
when she was about to commence life guard training. She was staying at her mother’s house
for the week and it was also the time when there had been a volcanic eruption in Iceland that
grounded planes across Europe for several weeks. She had read an article about the
government testing a drone plane in Wales about 50 or so miles from where she lives. This
drone could only be tested in restricted air space so it was quite interesting to be informed that
planes across the UK and Europe were to be grounded because of the risk from ash effectively
making all airspace restricted and leaving the skies free for the drones.
According to the witness, at the time she could see several formations of these drones in
the sky at any given time in the evening. She also noticed another strange occurrence, lasers in
short green bursts apparently raining from the sky. The witness became curious about all these
events and made a huge amount of search engine requests combining these things. But low
and behold her computer (a Mac) started behaving strangely and any software she tried to use
also failed. After discovering that most people could not see these lasers (though a few did, she
went to a friend’s house and they were pouring through her windows and bouncing around the
room, even off the carpet and soft furnishings and her friend and husband could see them).
When she asked her friends if they had noticed them they replied they had been coming in for