Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 125

AlbertLocation. Ongwediva, Namibia
Date: early October 2010 Time: various
There were stories of unidentified
creatures that attacked animals at night. On the early morning of last Friday a
puppy that belonged to Lukas Fotolela, a local resident, died after it was savagely
mauled by an unknown creature. The creature allegedly entered the house
through a small gate that was not properly closed.
“I was sleeping with an open window, when I saw a big white animal, with a black
or brownish head forcing its way underneath the corrugated iron sheets where
the puppies were sleeping. I tried to scare it away
by hitting on the window but
instead, it jumped towards me, wanting to attack me, but I quickly closed the
door,” explained witness, Monica Simon. According to Simon, the creature
looked like a dog, but was bigger than a dog. She explained that the ‘animal’exuded a very bad strong odor.
“After I closed the window the creature went back to the puppies and killed my
favorite puppy. I heard it making sounds as if it w
as chewing something. I
thought it was eating up the puppy but when we woke
up the dead dog only had a
bit of blood coming from its mouth. I guess it sucked its blood,” said Simon.
The owner of the house, Lukas Fotolela, who worked
until late that night came
home to find his dog dead. Fotolela said he searched his yard but could not find
the animal or its footprints. For years now stories
of unknown creatures that kill
animals in the north, especially in the Oshana region have been reported.
Livestock, especially goats and chickens have reportedly fallen prey to
these creatures. They only suck their victim’s blood and eat the fetuses from
expecting goats.
HC addendum
Source: Helvy Shaanika
Type: E