Is the Experiment here on Earth coming to an End? -Is it all True Series #142

I have from time to time been inspired to write about a Grand Cosmic Experiment, which is being carried out, by some non-human entities or maybe hybrids. It, if you have not noticed, it truly feeling like life on earth is now like a vehicle moving at 90 mph and all the wheels are coming off. We are spinning out of control. Never in my lifetime has it felt this way. Global Economic collapse, monster oil spill in the gulf, America in two wars, one of the most hostile periods in man’s history and let’s not forget global climate change.

And if that is not all enough for the world to edge towards its tipping point, consider this: the entities that have been here trying to keep the wheels on the human cart, may be walking away, back into their inter-dimensional world.

They (these beings) have been here for thousands of years, in the form of angels, grays, reptilians, people of the Fey, many types people worship and many other pure energy beings. And guess what, they have been here helping keep the lid on our world, admittedly never ever peace and prosperity for all, but never has man and all the creatures here faced such incredible challenges. I believe that the only reason it is getting so strange here is because these mostly invisible helpers are leaving us. Their experiment here is coming to an end, exactly why I do not know. Maybe after thousands years of trying to change us, modify us, make us more like them, more peaceful, happier, and more intelligent, they failed.
We have been a Cosmic Experiment seeded on this planet to make the perfect emotional, physical and spiritual being. Maybe we have become too complex. So they (the handlers) are going to let us face Mother Earth and she will do what she does best –recycle.

Now in closing let me say I am probably all wet, all wrong, but one of two things will be coming shortly: total disclosure about our handlers’ existence and their purpose and the other option- things are going to get much, much worse and we will then know we were abandoned.

So no fear, but please, if you see a group inter-dimensional beings walking down the street, all is well on this crazy planet, and if you don’t see them – mediate, pray and maybe it’s not too late.

Sleep tight – having no fear – is the ultimate freedom.


AS they slide back into the other world.
An actual photo shot in the Everglades By MWiz April 2010