Covid-19 – Vaccine – Transhumanism

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Covid-19 is a multi-dimensional being, which in my estimation is delivering messages to our RNA and our DNA. But I am not sure yet, are these messages good or bad, are they strictly changes or are they enhancements? The virus has this amazing ability to get into our cells and muck with them. And most of the time we are just a pass-through vehicle with no change or no harm done.

That brings us to transhumanism, the melding of human bio with other non-human bio or even AI. So Covid-19 could be a vector to start the trans-human process- make us into this new being. or new species, or Human 2.0.

Now the vaccine, I must start this off with a disclaimer statement I am not a fan of vaccines. But I acknowledge their success in conquering some very bad diseases, polio, yellow fever, smallpox, and a few others, but our drug companies have in the last 20 years changed the definition of the word vaccine – to the “goose that lays the golden eggs”, trying to vax us for everything and its beating up our bodies and weakening our own immune system.

So the Covid19 vax race is on and a new player has surfaced the mRNA vaccine, where particles similar to the real virus are injected into you and making your body create synthetic genes and they in theory provide the body with a safe target to create immunity. Also maybe not a good thing, those Synthetic genes can be patented by the drug company and strangely enough those synthetic genes become part you and owned by the drug company. Go figure. And as we are going warp speed to create these vaccines with Synterinc genes – we have no idea what the long term effect on the human genome will be.

Sleep tight – 2020 will be over in less than 100 days , but will we have survived ?


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It’s here now What?- COVID deaths and little talked about damage

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Nearly 6 months, this Alien virus – has captured our imagination and our bodies. If you include excessive deaths, the US has over 200,000 COVID deaths and using the same calculus for the World, it is well over 1 million deaths, but in comparison to the Spanish Flu and H1N1 much less in the death category at least so far.

But here is my concern there is a new component – the long-term disability affects, – massive damage to the organs including the brain, kidneys, heart, lungs, and maybe more. Then there is the fatigue – heavy bad fatigue. Living the balance of one’s life with COVID disabilities may rival death itself.

Being a researcher trying to understand Alien influences on Humankind, it has always been a challenge to understand how they think and what their motives and agendas are. So presently I am not sure why they have pushed this strange dangerous monster on us.

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But for now protect yourself from it, mainly because we truly don’t know how it will affect us in the distant future, and who will be the ones most affected.

For it is truly an Alien Virus – and there will be twists and turns I am very certain of that in the future. And as time goes on the vaccine savior will start looking less promising.

There are things I feel strongly can help stave off a virus attack – the normal guidelines are good until more science proves otherwise. General notes – good supplements Vit. C, Vit. D and Zinc with Elderberry reduce Carbs and nearly zero added sugars. Exercise and reduce weight to normal BMI levels, being obese is not a good place to be for many things especially for this Virus.

Sleep tight – be safe rather than sorry


What are they not telling us?

As many of you know I am a UFO/Paranormal researcher with a particular interest in human/ alien viruses.

This COVID -19 is a very strange virus or a hybrid of a sort. And it is just beginning and it has many bizarre aspects, some of them will take maybe years to show themselves.

This feeling of dread came over me in December 2019 when I first heard of it in China. It was different, it was very different. My mind hyper-focused on it.

I said to myself was this the one. The one I had been waiting for all my life. Is it the Alien- virus? Will it kill us or will it modify the human race. For sure it’s killing some and the modify part –only time will tell.

Aliens have used viruses over thousands of years to change us. Each person that is infected is given a gift of DNA particles – which some call junk DNA – it’s far from junk.

What are they not telling us ?