Covid -19 our untamable Monster

As I have said before this is a very alien virus, coming from its humble roots of the common cold. Even though its close cousin Sara and Mars should have been a huge warning flag. We failed to control and take it seriously especially here in the USA Politics and lack of leadership killed thousands more than should have.

This is an uncontrolled Monster. It has been given fertile ground with 100 to 150 million infected people worldwide mutate and strategies to out trick and outplay the vaccines. We as I have said before are not going to vaccine our way out of this Pandemic.

Vaccines will play a role in keeping some people from dying or getting very sick. This virus is telling us as humans to take care of ourselves, if not it will get you. Healthy food, the right supplements, exercise, and weight reduction are critical to surviving this Monster.

AS I have said before it’s from an alien source. But alien in this case could mean an aggressive human species. I believe many in the end will die. The question is will that satisfy the Monster and its creator. But there are plenty of things we as individuals can do to protect ourselves, such as sunshine, and fresh air can be very helpful.

See my other Covid posts for suggested supplements. Be prepared for the long haul. Mutations (variants) are going to continue to come and we will have to fight for several more years until the monster runs out of virgin human DNA.

Sleep tight Humans are strong beings and were created to defend themselves from these Monsters that have been around for millions of years – as long as we take care of our bodies.


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