Part 4 Tesla Scalar Wave Weapons – the most threatening on this planet and beyond – UFOs don’t tread on us.– Is it all True Series ? #121

Please read the first three parts of this series – this is the fourth and the final for now, unless new information surfaces

So after Tesla died in 1943, the Japanese got the Scalar Wave documentation from the Tesla museum in Yugoslavia. The Japanese were/are a proud culture, and they were still hurting from losing face in the Second World War. They felt their emperor should rule the world, and they were looking forward to the “Final Super War” to crush the Christians and Muslims. The Japanese may have shared information with the Russians, and the Russians may have allowed the Japanese to shoot down a plane or two over Russian territory for Scalar weapons testing, and some people did die, this is all from the conspiracy mill.

Tesla Wave technology has been taught in Europe and Russia for many years, but suppressed here in the USA. With the Nazi scientists that the Soviets captured after the war, the Soviets built some amazing Scalar particle weapons, and they knew a good deal about UFOs. In 1960 the Soviet’s Nikita Khrushchev made a powerful threat to the USA. Rumor has it; the Soviets used the beam weapons to destroy a US nuclear submarine near Puerto Rico in 1963, maybe the true reason for the Cuban missile crisis.
Pine Gap and Exmouth Australia were the testing grounds for these Scalar devices, and the Australians were compensated well for the use of their “Outback” by many, at times, rival countries.

There are several countries that have working knowledge of Scalar wave technology, including the USA, Russia, France, Australia, UK, Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, and if you believe there are a few Nazis left around, they have it too. Did the Russians use these weapons against our Space Shuttle? And the last speculation is – did the USA and Russia use these weapons to shoot down non-human UFOs? It is a bit hard to believe that our weapon technology is greater than or equal to UFO capacities for offense and defense. Was the Roswell crash the first test of a Scalar weapon against an aircraft – an alien craft? The USA Scalar weapon technology was probably developed near Roswell in New Mexico, as a collaboration between White Sands Missile, Sandia Labs and Los Alamos.

Sleep tight – our Scalar weapons are protecting us here and beyond – OR NOT.



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