Fairy Swarm in Washington State

Fairies, good folk, wee folk, people of peace, and very fair-skinned beings, are all terms used to describe these amazing small beings that are human in appearance with supernatural powers. Some fly, cast spells, and possibly can influence the future. They have been said to shapeshift into normal-looking forest animals such as deer, birds of prey, and squirrels. Their behavior ranges from peaceful, to mischievous and sometimes even evil and devilish. This reportedly devilish behavior came with the invasion of the Christians into the pagan lands throughout Europe. Some pagans worshiped these fairies to the dismay of the new religious sheriffs in town.

In my 40+ years of paranormal study, I have come across some lucky people who have seen them. I feel the chances are actually far greater to see a fairy than a Gray alien being. Now I will tell you this, children under five years old are the ones who will see the fairies the most. Why these children? This is because the very young still have very open minds. As we get older our cultures mold our minds to what fits and what is comfortable. I constantly tell parents to listen to their children; they see what they see and it is very real to them. I say don’t discourage their minds, this is some kind of amazing experience. Let them embrace it and not fear it.

Now let me tell you a modern tale. A friend of mine just came back from a place in northeastern Washington State. He met a nice retired couple who was visiting this same area of the state a year before. Their story goes, they were hiking in a very wooded area and walked in about three miles where the woods were extremely dense. There in the distance was a beautiful clearing; a meadow of sorts and it seemed to have heat waves rising or heavy vapor hanging at the back of this grassy area. Suddenly out of this mirage appeared a swarm of Fairies, but they were bigger than bees, maybe hummingbirds. As the couple walked closer they stated that every hair on their bodies was standing up. Suddenly they saw a foot-high gorgeous fairy staring straight in their eyes. They did not feel fear but rather a very peaceful feeling befalling upon the couple. A swarm of hundreds maybe thousands of fairies began coming out of their vortex to play, and then they were gone just as quickly as they had appeared.

Is it all true? My friend said the retired couple seemed very sincere, and as they told their tale tears came out of their eyes. I guess I will see, for Rainbow and  I  plan to go to this vortex area in the next few years to search for the swarm.

Sleep tight, and may your dreams be filled with beautiful fairies.


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 101

Location. New York City, New York
Date: June 2010 Time: late night
The witness (involved in other incidents) woke up in the middle of the night and was
paralyzed. She was able to move her eyes and hear her surroundings, but could not for the life
of her move her body. She heard a commotion on the left side of the bedroom and as she
turned her eyes towards that direction, she saw two small gray creatures communicating to
each other. Not believing what she was seeing she began to panic when a third smaller gray
came through the window with what seemed to be a mask in his hand. She began to scream
but no sound came out her mouth, it was as she was screaming in her mind. As the gray
humanoid approached her with the mask she felt a ringing/siren noise in her head and she
apparently blacked out since she doesn’t remember seeing the gray humanoids depart. As soon
as they left she was again able to move her body.
HC addendum
Source: http://www.alienufotruth.com/sleep-paralysis-and-encounter/ Type: E
Location. Mertztown, Pennsylvania
Date: summer 2010 Time: evening
A father and son were parked on the side of the road in a heavily wooded area when a
winged ‘monster’ casually glided up the road. It looked big enough to carry a full grown man
away with no effort. When the wing flew over the hood of the car, they both instantly ducked
down. The creature had a round human sized head with no beak and huge bat-like wings, the
body was 5-6 ft in length easy, wing span was 25-30 ft easy, no feathers, bat-like skin, jet black,

and a 4-5 ft skinny rat-like tail that stuck straight out. This creature didn’t flying like a bird it
glided about 10 ft off the ground at a very slow speed. After 50 to 75 ft of gliding, it took one
huge flap of the wings, never changing elevation and glided up the road until it disappeared
into the woods. The adult witness is convinced that this creature lives ‘underground’ probably
near some hot springs since it has no feathers.
HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monsters blog Typ