November Meeting of the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum —Is it all True Series # 259

This was the last meeting before the famous 2012 cosmic event that has been talked about for many years, the end of the Mayan calendar. Although the meeting was not about the Mayan Calendar event, there were feelings and concerns expressed by many at the meeting and at the restaurant afterwards about this worldwide event. I will do a posting in the near future on the Cosmic event. Interestingly, I will be at about 38,000 ft above the earth when the event starts, mid- day on the 21st of December. Assuming I am not sucked into a high-altitude vortex, I will spend most of my time during the event in Albuquerque.

Now to the meeting–we were honored to present an amazing video – a documentary about UFOs, abductions, hybrids, government cover-up and everything in between. The data was presented by many of the who’s who in the field of ufology. I must say the documentary was very well done. Many of the facts presented had video proof and/or official looking documentation.

The drawings of the captured gray alien were impressive and the ex- military man who told the story was equally impressive. Military speakers and professors made up the majority of the people that presented in the video. You are left with the impression that much is known about UFO’s and aliens but little of this information is given to the masses.

There were many good videos of several dozen UFOs, several I had never seen. This was a very convincing documentary and I would hope that it makes its way into mainstream media to educate the masses.
The one big take away from this is that the abduction phenomena is real and that there is an agenda by the Greys to produce Hybrids and maybe just maybe our replacements on earth.

Sleep—tight, get some rest – the new adventure is just starting.