Khat Hansen speaks — The Bible and Bigfoot

There is a Hebrew word in the bible that translates into English as satyr, but in the literal Hebrew it refers to a hairy or shaggy demon. I have often pondered this question because of Ki’ho’sa’s attitude and the other tribe members of his group.
According to The Strong’s Accordance “#8163 sair
from 8175, shaggy.,devil goat, hair, rough
and the root word #8175 to storm, to shiver, fear, be horribly afraid, fear, hurl as a storm, be tempestuous” I also found this in the King James Bible:
Isaiah 34:14, Isaiah 13:21
Now I maybe wrong about that Hebrew word…but I think it refers to bigfoot.
All my life I have heard or known about Bigfoot. Our elders in the tribe in Oklahoma tell about bigfoot, it is a kind of reptile and is a shapeshifter. But my people believe there are two different types of the Bigfoot,down deep dwelling ones. We have called them Shampe(shamp,way).They steal and eat humans, if you hunt and there is blood from the kill they will track you by the smell. They are evil and animal like. We don’t believe in going to look for it or to bother it as it is cunning and evil. The Ste’ye’mah is just like us though. They think, eat,breathe, feel etc. We believe they are a tribe unto themselves and we do not interact with them due to their males stealing women and children in the past.
I am NOT saying that Bigfoot is an evil entity. I have my own theories as to just what they are. I believe them to be stuck. Which is why I search and learn as much as I can about the bible. Because I do NOT believe they are a recent phenomena, that is just occuring. These stories about the BF go back hundreds and thousands of years. And when I research the Qoran,Bible,Torah etc. I find passages that seem to fit these beings. I believe the story that my elders gave to me of them being like older brothers and existing alongside of our reality to be the truth. And when I find mention of them in the bible etc.Or have Ki’ho’sa think “Father” and send the feeling of “supreme being” It makes me comfortable and sane to know that I am on the right track. That they Are just like us, only different…in many ways.

Khat Hansen ? maybe -maybe not