Little People from the Stars–Is it all True Series # 311

magical universeI love to write about little people, the small beings many Indian tribes speak of. These tribes are world-wide in nearly every country of the world, and they all have their little people stories. Most researchers believe these beings are from other planets, but I firmly believe they are inter-dimensional and move through portals. I thought about writing this blog because I was looking at recent vortex photography that I and my partner took on Sandia Mountain. We caught a little person climbing a tree. You can check out other vortex pictures on this site by searching “vortex”.

I would like to share more recent research I have done with you here. First many researchers are starting to believe that the burial mounds in the Midwest US are really underground homes for the little people and not Native American burial grounds. This is based on two facts: few or no bodies of American Indians have been found in the mounds, and the tiny tunnels that go throughout the mounds are too small for the average Indian in the area at that time. Also, it has been strongly rumored that small adults’ bodies have been found in the mounds.
The Cherokees of the East talk about the Moon People/ Blue People, with blue skin and black eyes. When the Cherokee first came to the Eastern US, they found perfectly tended gardens, but no one was seen farming them until moon-lighted nights. The little people were seen tending their gardens in the light of the moon and taking the produce underground where they lived. The Cherokee also talked about another little people group, who were of dark complexion with dark hair and strange red whiskers. The Cherokee elders claimed their native ancestors killed the red whiskered ones; it seemed they didn’t like the way they looked or maybe it was a treaty with the blue-skinned ones.

Ok, the bottom line here is that I believe there are little people that existed in the past and exist now.
I have heard dozens of similar stories from other American Indians around the country.

Sleep tight, the little ones are waiting in a woods near you.