Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 106

AlbertLocation. “La Horqueta”, Chascomus, Argentina
Date: July 19 2010 Time: 22:30
The wife of Luis Antonio Pavoni notices that the do
gs were barking in an obvious distressed
or nervous state, he tells Luis and he goes outside
to investigate, armed with a flashlight.
Outside he notices that the dogs appear to be in a
very excited state and while looking around
with his flashlight notices that the bravest and me
anest of the animals had not accompanied
him, remaining behind apparently terrified. Only one
of his dogs, the friendliest of them all,
accompanies him. Walking towards the downed oak tree
about 100 meters away he shines the
light towards it and notices a pair of red eyes
surrounded by an external orange halo and about
80cm from the ground and very near the downed tree.
Thinking it was a hare he walks back to
the house and grabs a shotgun. Returning to the same
spot he now sees two additional pairs of
similar eyes, apparently standing behind the first
one. He is unable to see anything beyond the
eyes and does not hear any noises. The dog that had
accompanied him would not stop barking.
After three minutes the “eyes” vanish and Pavoni re
turns to his house.
On June 19 2009 a powerful wind of unknown origin
had tore the huge oak tree by its roots.
According to witnesses, at the same time a very
strong sound was heard as the gigantic tree fell
to the ground. At the same time a nearby eucalyptus
was also knocked down. The area has
been known for other strange incidents such as
cattle mutilations and UFO encounters. Strange
ground markings were also found by the team of
HC addendum
Source: Luis Burgos FAO