Our Friend man of Wisdom – and Space Craft operator

Our SpaceCraft Operator Friend is a quite famous and controversial man named Clark McClellan. Clark was the Mission control flight director for many of the NASA shuttle missions back in the ’80s and 90’s. Clark later in his career became a whistleblower on many of the policies  NASA was withholding or not telling the truth about. Of course, he lost his job and lost his pension and is now living only on Social Security. His health has deteriorated from a long fight with diabetes resulting in the lower part of one leg being removed. On the same day lost his beloved angel, his fiancee to cancer. He is an unhappy place, lonely and in poverty, not the way a hero should be. But as we have seen over the years whistle-blowers face being ostracized by society, with only the cosmos to thank them for their efforts.

Rainbow and I spoke with Clark last weekend he was in a depressed state but still had his fighting spirit. We talked about many things, but I would like to talk about Clark’s feeling about the reality of our spiritual realm. Clark is a spiritual person and not a religious one, in fact, he has very little good to say about organized religion. Clark has coined a word called Celestialism, which I believe is the concept of the straight pure Universal Energy that created all and continues to guide ALL that it created on its free course through the eons of time. This is a simple yet powerful concept that the Cosmos created itself and continues to create with no end in sight.

And may I add beyond Clark’s concept, that this Celestialism has imprinted in all the entities in the Universe the ability to also create through intention, through the Quantum physics, so we are all-powerful beings, we have just all forgotten how.

Sleep tight, Have faith in yourself, not in an organization that controls you with their faith.


Ken Johnston- ( NASA) and his Smoking Guns – Is it all True Series #124

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to a Ken Johnston lecture and a question and answer session, it all took place at Gary’s group (the dowsers) in Los Lunas, NM. It turned out to be informative and entertaining. Ken was a member of the NASA- Moon Mission group. His tour was in the late 60s and 70s mostly at the Houston Johnson Space Center.

Ken spent quite a bit of time explaining and showing his credentials, which personally is always a good move for the speaker, to get his audience on his side. Although that credential pumping can be a little over done, it can get people wondering and Ken was getting close to that edge.

Ken had primarily three key areas of responsibility with NASA:

1. He learned to drive the Lunar Rover and taught the astronauts the same. He claims he drove the Rover for over 3000 hours making him the Grand Prix Champion of moon racing.

2. He worked on the Space Suits for the lunar walks. He helped develop and modify them to fit each individual astronaut.

3. Last, but not least, he archived photos from both the Moon and Mars. This responsibility led to the most smoking gun material.

But a little more on Ken, he is a friend and colleague of UFO rock star Richard Hoagland. Ken was an active contributor to Richards latest book Dark Mission or as I say the Real Mission. Ken also claimed he was in the running to be an astronaut, but as they say timing is everything. Ken, being a test pilot (Jock), thought with his other experience that he was a shoe-in for the next astronaut position opening. But as politics and life goes, the politicians wanted scientists types not pilots to man their ships. So Johnston jumped in head first at Mission Control and learned and did everything he could.

Now back to his responsibilities that as stated before included archiving photos and here is where some of the fun information came from:

1. Our Moon might be hollow- a photo of a huge hole over 300 yards across, like a hole in a shell.

2. Ancient huge grid patterns possible made by huge equipment moving across the face of the moon.

3. Piling structures hundreds of feet high.

4. Pyramids and other square structures, on various places on the Moon, some of the pyramids were 5 miles on a side.

5. Large robot head like R2D2 type- very clear on the photo.

6. They also had a few Russian lunar photos, showing a cluster of glass type domes on the Moon.

On the Mars:

1. He had a photo of an exposed tunnel system.

2. Water, large/crater pools of water, not the small quantities NASA told us about.

3. The last photo was probably the most shocking there was a picture of scattered vegetation (like pine trees) near the Martian poles.

Ken also claimed he was in the control center in Houston when the Eagle had landed and I believe Armstrong said they were being watched by something over the rim of the crater they had landed in. Ken also claims by him sharing a few of those photos with Richard Hoagland he lost his job at NASA.

Ken finished the question and answer session with the statement, even though many of the Moon Mission astronauts saw UFOs and aliens their memories were debriefed and even erased. I guess a few of the astronauts are having flashbacks of the truth or the guilt of the truth is haunting them.

I truly hope that Ken Johnston is the real thing, for his smoking guns could blow the hinges off the world of aliens and UFOs.

Sleep tight there are a few truth seekers and a few truth tellers and there is only peace in the truth.


Ken Johnston