Bosnian Pyramids and why were all the ancient stone structure built ? Is it all True Series #189

There are five pyramid hills near the town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo. Some say they are over 10,000 years old and could be the largest such structures in the world. But there is a lot of debate on this one, and it will probably take years to sort it out. But the excavation continues on with a group of international archaeologists. The History Channel recently did a special on these pyramids and what they showed, was evidence of the possibility of some amazingly old structures. There were also series of tunnels that went on for miles possibly connecting all the structures. Special sound radar equipment showed manmade structures under the layers of earth and vegetation. The structures underneath have a concrete layer – the concrete was heated to 500 degrees and was made of material not found in today’s concrete.

These are similar to the stone structures of Peru and the molded stones that fit together like tight pieces of a puzzle. Scientists say these fitted stones make excellent anti-earthquake structures.

So who is responsible for the dozens of amazing stone structures around the world? More are being discovered on a monthly basis. And consider there are probably hundreds of structures under the oceans still undiscovered, which will expose incredible secrets of our past civilizations. I strongly suggest the responsible party are inter-dimensional beings that came here to build them with very little help from the locals. They were used as religious ceremonial platforms and star observatories. Also the locations of these structures were on energy grid lines, so they were possibly trying to harness some type of global free energy. Another possibility would be these structures were beacons for inbound ships to lock on to and be drawn in through a vortex portal. And lastly the pyramid structures could be a large cover for a vortex opening, keeping the general public from seeing the strange activity as stuff moves in and out of a vortex area.

But as time passed the non-humans left as quickly as they came and the locals started using the stone structures for their own agendas. These structures are all amazing and many present day scientists have stated we could not duplicate them today; even with what our 2011 egos tell us is the greatest technology ever. Which is truly so much BS. Human man didn’t create these structures, someone or something did. And we for the most part can’t ever perceive the possibility; we are living in a multi-dimensional world, where beings can move easily between worlds.

Sleep tight – our potential is endless and the layers of strangeness are infinite.