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Climate Change Could Shut Down A Vital Ocean Current, Study Finds

Ivan Bandura

Its collapse would trigger severe and potentially irreversible consequences around the world.


By Chris D’Angelo

Human-driven planetary warming threatens to collapse a system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean that regulate and impact weather across the globe, a new scientific study has found.

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC, a section of the Gulf Stream, transports warm water from the tropics northward and cold water from the North Atlantic to the south.ADVERTISEMENT

This natural redistribution of heat has long worked to stabilize regional climate and weather conditions; however, scientists have been warning that the system is slowing down. A 2019 United Nations report concluded that while the current is “very likely” to weaken this century, a total breakdown was unlikely. 

But the new study, published Thursday in the journal Nature Climate Change, indicates the situation could be far direr than previously thought. The current changes may be tied to “an almost complete loss of stability of the AMOC over the course of the last century,” the analysis states. 

“The findings support the assessment that the AMOC decline is not just a fluctuation or a linear response to increasing temperatures but likely means the approaching of a critical threshold beyond which the circulation system could collapse,” Niklas Boers, a researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany and the study’s author, said in a statement

A crippled Atlantic current system could trigger catastrophic, potentially irreversible changes, from rising seas in North America to major disruptions to seasonal monsoon rains in Asia and South America. ADVERTISEMENT

“The mere possibility that the AMOC tipping point is close should be motivation enough for us to take countermeasures,” Levke Caesar, a climate physicist at Ireland’s Maynooth University, told The Washington Post. “The consequences of a collapse would likely be far-reaching.”

But Andreas Schmittner, a climate scientist at Oregon State University, is skeptical of the study’s conclusion. 

“The method used in the paper has been developed and tested in very simple models of dynamical systems, but then it is applied to observations of sea surface temperatures and salinities,” he told HuffPost in an email. “I think their method is brand new and needs to be tested by different investigators and explored more in complex climate models to see if it works with the data they used. I think it is premature to conclude that the AMOC is on the brink of collapse.”

The study comes ahead of a major report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, the leading consortium of researchers studying human-caused temperature rise. The assessment, due out Aug. 9 and authored by more than 200 scientists, will provide an up-to-date understanding of the crisis and its current and future effects around the globe.

There’s no way to pinpoint the level of greenhouse gas emissions that would lock in a total collapse of the AMOC, Boers told The Guardian. “The only thing to do,” he said, “is keep emissions as low as possible. The likelihood of this extremely high-impact event happening increases with every gram of CO2 that we put into the atmosphere.”


Grave Danger to the world

Canada Lytton: Heatwave record village overwhelmingly burned in wildfire – BBC News

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Alien -ETs and Earths Climate Crisis – From Dimensional Walking – a paranormal Journey

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The Events of a Century have lined up for a Perfect Storm – and another Super Event

Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

So here we go – so here goes America – Democracy is a wonderful way to govern people because, in theory, they are governing themselves but its downfall, is that it is fragile and relies upon people doing the right thing and making sound decisions, based on truths. And the truth is hard to come by these days.

With that said, let me continue – we as you all know by now are suffering a 100-year Pandemic, a President that has pushed our Constitution to its limits, racial civil unrest as intense as any time in American history, natural climate disasters like never before, and last but not least a national election like no other in American History, that could tear us apart like the Civil War.

 And we have foreign enemies that know very well know how to use propaganda to further weaken our country. We are in a weakened state, no doubt in my mind. Our enemies have never had a better chance to physically attack and seriously damage our democracy. 

So here is what I think, there is another Super event coming  —  when is it coming? at our lowest point of total stress – which I believe is the time frame of now through after the election until someone concedes it and victory for them is agreed upon on a national level.  

The Super event is a terrorist like attack from one or two countries in the form of an EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse on a nationwide level, which will freeze/destroy all things electronic and the repair will take months even years, totally destroying our economy and our democracy as we know it.  I know this is grim and I sincerely hope I am totally wrong, but thinking about it long and hard I believe its probably a (50-50) chance of happening, because our enemies know this opportunity won’t again happen in their lifetimes – they must strike soon. 

Sleep tight — in a few days, I will give some suggestions on how to have a chance to survive.  And many people will survive. 


Richard Smith – Teacher of another Realm -Is it all True Series # 345

rsFor our first meeting of the New Mexico UFO/Paranormal forum version 2015, we had this wonderful guy named Richard Smith. Richard is an artist, teacher, writer, musician, alien Contactee, and public speaker. He skillfully blends mainstream history with past, present, and maybe future Alien history. Richard has a unique view of Alien presence on this planet and how they have shaped and controlled all of our reality. Richard speaks the truth and justice of our real reality and history. Some embrace him and other maybe frightened by him. He speaks on why our world politicians are, seemingly, the puppets on tightly held string.

Smith talked about our planet as a place run by corporations whose only major goal is to make money and lots of it, not to be a partner with Mother Earth. This mindset can create short-term wealth for some, but long term disaster for all in the end. And that is what Climate Change will do to this planet and its coming in full force very soon. The tipping point is here, no turning back. “In my opinion, the tipping point is here, no turning back”

Richard talked about these various groups who have been in control since the beginning of time. They include, but are not limited to, the Elite Reptilian Queens, the Greys, the Sisterhood, Dogman, and Sasquatch. Only Sasquatch got high marks as protector of the planet. Smith talks of the Gene of Passion, which is something the bad guys want to suppress in Mankind. This Gene gives humans the power and creativity to resist the ways of the Darkness. The Darkness that has dominated the earth for thousands of years and causes death and destruction on a huge scale. The lack of this Gene increases the powerful and brutal influence of the reptilian part of man’s brain.

Thanks UFO teacher for sharing your education of our cosmology and how our words have so much more meaning and symbolism. For more on Richard Smith, the UFO Teacher, search for his on-line book-“Legions of light – Armies of Darkness.

Sleep tight – for man has always found his way to keep Darkness at bay, but we now need to illuminate what Reality could be, if we were fearless.


The Aliens working from the shadows – but very much among us-Is it all True Series # 344

ToddMichaelAs I get a little older and hopefully a little wiser, I come up with these somewhat profound, or at the very least interesting, conclusions about these beings that have lived among for us (humans) our entire existence on this earth. To the best of what I am seeing, feeling, and hearing, there are primarily four groups in control of this planet during the last 100 years. One group is the Greys. They are a group of 4 to 5 feet tall, a paler white than grey, beings. They also created AI bots (in their own image) that are slightly shorter. The bots obey every command of their masters. They have been responsible for most of the millions of abductions humans endured over the last 60+ years.

Next the taller Grey, Reptoid, also called the Archons, are more emotional than the shorter Greys. They are very much directly involved in human policy and political control, living through the minds of our wonderful politicians worldwide.
Next the mean guys, the Reptilians. Some Reptilians are close to 8ft tall and damn ugly and at times, they are extremely brutal in their ways; all other groups give them space. They will take what they want when they want. They can shape shift into anything or anybody. They want you to know they are in your face and you need to deal with it. Not a happy group. The good news is there is some unknown force that keeps them from totally consuming mankind. I can only speculate this force is maybe human love and fearlessness.

Last, the human hybrids, a small group of beings part alien DNA and human created by the Archons and the Greys. Their purpose, I believe, is to create a new smarter, more durable and less emotional race. The next race to occupy the earth, our present humans have lost their way, destroying the earth. This new R ace will occupy Earth with less than 50 million total beings always in prefect balance.
Finally, the four groups will never appear in public, for it is easier to rule from the shadows. Being a direct occupier causes total chaos, something which would slow or stop their profound agenda and time is running out for us all.

Sleep tight – change is coming, it is what the earth wants and deserves

2015 – Poor Man's Prophecies # Is it all True Series# 341

Prophecy as I always say is for amateurs, but it makes a fun posting and our viewers seem to like it.
So here we go for 2014- How did I score? — The below is from my 2014 predictions and the results –I originally posted the predictions on Jan 05 2014.

And here are the 2014 predictions — and My Results

1. Pope continues on his People’s Pope Agenda until a huge event shakes the Vatican. – True he is continuing his reforms ,, and the people are liking him, but nothing huge shakes up the Vatican , just some of the same issues plaguing the Vatican.– I get a 1/2 pt.
2. Severe drought in the Southeast will redevelop in late spring– No wrong
3. A bad January for US weather will welcome a February Spring – No fairly Bad to Average balance of the Winter

4.There will be unusual large meteorites entering the earth atmosphere- Yes there were several ,, including a Monster in Russia which injured a thousand people

5. There will be a huge unknown explosion in Brazil. No wrong

6. Winter Games will not go well for Putin. — Generally the games went well, But Putin got major Heat from the huge price-tag of the Games – 1/2 pt.
7. Japan will suffer another 7.5 or larger earthquake , further damaging Fukushima. Nope- wrong
8. A very powerful hurricane season will fully make up for the passive 2013 season in the Atlantic basin.- No wrong extremely light season
9. Unexpected temperature drop ( world average) surprise climate change scientists, but its just part of the Change, yes sort of right — cooler than it has been especially Midwest and the Eastern part of the US. — say 1/2 right
10.I finally predict we will make it to see 2015- 100% right , unless something huge hits the fan in the last 10 days of 2014.

Final Score for 2014 3.5 right and 6.5 wrong — or a correct % of 35–well that sucks

Now the new predictions for 2015

1. There will be a huge scandal in the world of American Lottery — The criminals won’t probably surprise you.
2. Hacking on the internet will stop millions from buying products on-line and banking on-line will sharply decline.
3. Warm- wet winter for US ,, following by a very cool spring and hot summer.
4.Three bigger than life movie stars will die within weeks of each other.
5.Because of the decline in Oil prices – Russia’s economy will start to fall apart , and a world-wide recession will start the end of 2015
6. War drums will start sounding — players will be Russia, China, Iran , Israel and of course the US.
7. More large meteors will continue to hit the earth. One will hit close to major world city and kill two thousand people.
8. World knowledge about the damage Fukushima has done to mankind will continue to grow.
9. Chicago Cubs will win the World Series
10. Ebola will start spreading again around the world moving into India and Southeast Asia. Maybe a new and more dangerous strain.

Well sleep tight – I predict you have a 100% chance the sun will rise tomorrow.


Never Forget Fukushima and Climate Change — They will not forget you- they will effect us all — until the End.

MarchFairewinds on the March

­­No matter what one’s political persuasion, it is evident that the world’s weather patterns have intensified and are impacting people around the globe. To focus world attention on this issue, at least 400,000 people stepped out in New York City in the People’s Climate March on Sunday September 21st. This unified effort was the first gathering of this magnitude and meant to focus world attention on the dramatic consequences climate change is having on the world’s economy, environmental health, and the personal health of people throughout the world.

Fairewinds Board Member Chiho Kaneko and I were part of more than 1,000 marchers in the Nuclear Free, Carbon Free contingent.

“This is a movement embraced by young people, which is good – so different from whom we see in the anti-war & anti-nuclear movements,” Chiho reflected. “They are urged to DO something, so this had a different flavor and brought in a new generation of people.

Riding on separate buses from Vermont, we realized the importance of the Nuclear Free contingent well before we arrived. On the long trip from Vermont, we both spoke to staunch climate change activists, yet when the discussion changed to nuclear power, some were on the fence. They would say, “I read a new study saying new nuclear reactors and recycling spent fuel is so much better, and, isn’t nuclear power emissions free? Shouldn’t nuclear be part of the mix?”

Chiho and I believe it is vital to have an honest discussion about nuclear power and the future of energy policies, especially with the people spearheading the climate change movement. We want to hear an honest discussion between people like Arnie Gundersen and Bill McKibben.

When our buses were delayed in traffic, Chiho missed her engagement to sing at the rally. Even before we found the Nuclear Free contingent, two-dozen blocks from the bus drop off, we saw “Nuclear? No Thanks” smiling sun flags everywhere in the streets. NIRS (Nuclear Information Research Services) gave 650 flags away before the march even began. We wandered among the 1,000 plus nuclear crowd, greeting colleagues from around the country, and meeting nuclear campaigners from Indian Point, Pilgrim, Fitzpatrick, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Jersey, and more. Many people recognized Chiho from her Fairewinds media work, her translation work, and through New York City events in which she has participated. They expressed their gratitude to us for the work done by Fairewinds.

“In the New York area, the Japanese community concerned with nuclear issues is relatively small,” Chiho said. “One young woman told me that it is very difficult for her to talk about Fukushima Daiichi with her peers especially mothers, because they don’t want to think about it, it is too disturbing” Chiho added, “She feels pretty isolated, and when she comes to a big march or rally, it is a consolation. That one is not alone is a huge value of public demonstrations. That recognition can encourage them to continue their work back home.”

I was on the logistics team for many of the Vermont Yankee events and on the team that organized the Nuclear Free Contingent for this march. Most people have a misconception about protesters. The people who I met mirrored what research has shown. They came out to protest because they have already educated themselves on issues, vote, contact politicians, attend hearings, and write letters to the editor.

Sunday’s march marked the beginning of a broad coalition of issues under one umbrella – climate justice. It also motivated tens of thousands of people who are new to public protest. The new marchers were activated by the outrage they feel and a well-organized broad event, one safe enough for these new activists to move from letter writing to marching in the street.

At times while we walked, I saw Chiho sketching what she witnessed. “It is the role of artists to really see the problems we face and articulate them, to find ways to think about things on a very basic level, not just issue by issue,” Chiho said when I asked her about it.

“If people say ‘lives matter,’ that is a starting point. Without that, you don’t have a foundation to nurture sound judgments. It felt like this march was an occasion to be completely open and available to our fellow humans,” she said.

Chiho also noted that at one point, she was sketching while marching, there was a stop, and a policeman was looking over Chiho’s shoulder. He shook his head, as if saying, “I don’t know how you do that,” and they bumped fists. “It was a connection. That was the sweetest moment.”

To me, the most touching post-March moment was Tuesday when President Obama, in his speech to the United Nations, said, “Our citizens keep marching. We cannot pretend we do not hear them. We have to answer the call.

By Leslie Sullivan Sachs

400 ppm has been reached – will They help?–Is it all True Series # 319

Climate ChangeI have written articles before on global warming and climate change, and it is time to write another one. Back 10 years ago I remember an article by a climatologist that stated that once the CO2 levels in our atmosphere reached 350 ppm (parts per million) it was over for all things living on earth, the fat lady had song. Well as time went on 350 ppm was changed to 360, 375, 385, and finally 400 ppm. So barring any changes to the tipping point level, we have made it to a level that will go down as the end gamer.

At this point ecosystems will start failing in huge numbers, and non-human species will become extinct, followed quickly by the death of millions of humans as huge wars break out to control the ever shrinking resources with food products on the top of the list. Western countries will start finding excuses to kill third world peoples in massive numbers. After that their weapons will be turned on each other, and finally nuclear weapons will purge the world clean of humans and most other life, except for a few cockroaches. And very slowly after several thousands of years Mother Earth will stabilize and return to a more normal state.
Now the big question is will they (the inter-dimensional beings) allow the above scenario to happen, to its fullest extent. My belief is they will not, because they have too much invested in this beautiful planet.

I would bet that after a 90% reduction of mankind they will come to the rescue, for that amount of people left would be in perfect balance for the total healing of the earth. Note they will not ever allow the use of nuclear weapons, because that would zero out their personal investment. Also there are potentially millions of Hybrid beings among us, and I doubt they would sacrifice them.

Sleep tight, if you are reading this you will probably experience a reasonably “okay” balance of your life, but the following generations probably not so much.