BARACK OBAMA Numerology Chart-His Mother’s too! Part I -done by

Trends Analysis and Numerology September 19, 2012

By Gail Minogue

Barack and his Mom

discovered that his birth certificate designates him as “II” or the second, not a Junior. It does make some difference so it is time to take another look at Barack. Since we know very little about his mother, other than the unusual story of Hawaii and his African father, I thought I would take a look at her chart to see the connections. What a surprise when I did!

Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961. In numerology we do not need the time or place. We must have the accurate birth name and date. What a story it tells. Everyone should understand their candidates’ blueprints before considering giving them their vote. First of all being the “II” or the “III” is strictly Earth placement. It just tells you how the person was placed in a grouping. For instance you might be Bob Smith, IV. It just tells me your are the fourth Bob Smith. This earth placement is dismissed in Numerology. The word Junior is very different and must be included. (This is quite deflationary to those who value being the 3rd or 4th in line of a heritage.)

We look at the vowels of his name and we look at the consonants of his name. We look at the date of birth. We look at the numbers behind the letters–the letter “a” being the number one and “b” being the number two. We look at how many of each number is in the name and we look at what numbers are missing. Missing numbers relate to karma and past life issues. When they appear, we have a tendency to over emphasize or under emphasize the quality of that number.

Let’s look at Obama’s date of birth. It is not surprising that he has a Master Number. This means that his date of birth totals a double digit–11, 22, 33, 44, 55 etc. In his lifetime, he chose the number 11. When you total his entire date of birth 8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 1, it will total 29. When we reduce 29 (adding the 2 + 9), it reduces to the number 11. This is a powerful number and the same number as many famous individuals–Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John McCain, Madonna, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and John Adams. Very powerful people come in with Master Numbers. They are on assignment or have a particular task to perform at a particular time. Other powerful Master Numbers were Eisenhower (Master Number 22) and Grant (44).

Incidentally, it is important to recognize when America needs a leader to help it through massive change–such as a “make or break” moment, it will bring in an individual with a number 5 Life Path. These are Agents of Change–who can guide us through tough times. Four famous Presidents with the No. 5 Life Paths were Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When America is ready to make the massive change, which is now being set up, it will bring in a Presidential candidate whose Life Path adds up to the Number 5. Watch the next 2 elections. Either 2016 or 2020. Americans are not yet in a position to handle the required changes that are coming. From now until 2024, we will be going through some necessary revisions. We will need a different type of leader to get us to change course. Just imagine the times that America was experiencing when it brought in Jefferson, Lincoln and both Roosevelt’s. It is big but it is not yet here.

Barack Obama’s Life Path of the Number 11 is one of “light” not heat. All 11?s have what I call the “it’. They are

Two Peas in Pod

able to inspire, channel and arbitrate. The word “light” is an 11 word. (total the letters). His Mother Ann had the same Life Path as well. These two people were on the same wave length. Although you might believe he was separated a good amount of time from her, she really imbued a sense of expansion and inclusion in her teachings to him. She was the perfect person for the instruction and training he would need to walk out into the world. The two of them are not religious individuals. Spiritual, very much so but not interested in man-made religions. Although Barack attended a specific church for several years while living in Chicago, he is not interested in the system of religion for himself. He will attend for the show but he makes up his own mind about God and the unseen world. The number II is essentially a “light worker” a “peacekeeper”. It is not surprising that he would be interested in community, the group, the world, equality. These people are the idealists. They envision a perfect world where we can all get along etc. They have an inner-directed life and this is where they get their strength. They must develop a practical side to life in order to make their idealism be able to function in the world. President Obama has had to learn this during his first term. I am sure he was very surprised by the refusal of his outreach to Congress. He made some idealist assumptions when he first came to office and they have come back to bite him.

Obama’s personality number is the Number One. This is taken from the consonants in his full birth name. Number one is the pioneer, the trailblazer and the person who initiates things. They like to be “number one”. Being a Number One personality would present him as independent, capable and a unique individual. These people depend upon the force of their personality to get things done. It is very important to him to present the correct image. They can’t stand to be overweight. It contradicts the image they are trying to convey. Being a Number One could appear to be a domineering and/or aggressive personality. These are dynamic people and they value courage and risk taking. They will not be pushed around and can be very intimidating people. Here is the fascinating part, his Mother had the same personality number. These people were actually peas in a pod. I am sure he is very tied to her both in life and death. …… to continued in Part II.

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1—The Significance of March
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Get out your track shoes and prepare to run—at least the first 12 days of March before the Mercury Retrograde begins on March 12th. I like to leave a few extra days on either side of a Mercury Retrograde so plan on really rolling up your sleeves until March 10th. Do not waste time on meaningless activities. Ask yourself, is what I am doing getting me to where I need to go or am I fooling myself?

The reason I emphasize the strong push of constructive activity for March is it being the 3rd month of the year. Remember January and February have just been your preparatory months and the burst of creativity and activity is now. We use the number three to create a finale. One, two, three go or three strikes and you are out or things happen in three’s. Here you are right at the start of the three. Be creative, be uplifting for yourself and be real.

The number three is the unifying factor of the numbers one and two. It creates a new level for them. We have just lifted ourselves off the ground from 2011. The three signifies wholeness and completeness. You have completed your beginning for this year. If you consider the support for all structures on the planet, it will always be the triangle. March is the “Trinity” month. Things come alive now. Let’s March in March!

Because we have a Mercury Retrograde during a large portion of the month (the retrograde ends April 4th). I remind you to NOT purchase important electronic products, automobiles, houses during this period. Nor do I recommend NEW job interviews or moving during this period. It is an excellent period to continue to work on existing projects, refine them, get very organized, double check all correspondence and above all DO ALL COMPUTER REPAIRS, ELECTRONIC REPAIRS, AUTO REPAIRS and ELECTIVE SURGERIES BEFORE THIS PERIOD BEGINS. If you are considering elective surgery wait until after about a week after April 4th. Case in point, my doctor had back surgery during a Mercury Retrograde. It did not go well. He had to go back in within two weeks, still in the retrograde period. This did not do the trick as well. A third surgery was performed many weeks after the retrograde and was successful. Another contact had cosmetic surgery during a retrograde and had to have a second surgery for refining the first surgery. All in all—anyone choosing elective cosmetic surgery should wait until after April 14th when other transits have moved on.