Synchronicity – a life force- 1

Synchronicity is one of my favorite subjects. It has come up many times in my UFO/contact studies and research. It can be used to help contact beings and move into other dimensions, but more of that on future postings.

Now a little background on the subject, CG Jung did some great initial work on synchronicity. He studied it, wrote a book and coined the
“word”. For him synchronicity represented a coincidence of two or more events where something other then the probability of chance is involved. Let’s say “Beyond Probability”. This is a kind of harmony at work in the interaction between of both psychic and physical events. Jung’s “a causal connecting principle” was linking mind and matter.

Let’s go for a couple of examples (based on true events). 1. You and your partner have relocated to a new city with your partner and as time goes on you are having some issues with your partner and you don’t much like the new city either. After a verbal confrontation with your partner you go for a walk. During this walk a dead bird falls from the sky at your feet. A sign form the universe, probably. An event which happens during an unsettled time of your life can be a sign, (synchronistic). Note there would normally be more that one synchronistic event.

2.Let’s say you have been putting off a school project on the subject of –Australia. You have been thinking about it for weeks and don’t know where to start. Suddenly synchronicity kicks in, you start seeing things related to Australia,(i.e., advertisements, consumer products, Australian books jump off the shelf at you, and Nicole Kidman is at the Box Office. You are now ready to start and finish your project in a quick and effective manner. I say you are in the “FLO”, via synchronicity.

Paying attention is the Key here. The Life force called Synchronicity will only give you a limited number of cues and if you don’t act on them, it will stop. Your actions keep the FLO going.
Also I can’t tell you that this direction you find yourself going is “right” or “good”, the source here is your deep thoughts and needs. The synchronistic process taps into the quantum level of the universe. Your mind/thoughts affects matter, it throws out a web of energy (sub-particles) that grab other sub-particles and pull them to you, this helps create your reality and complete your dreams.

Synchronicity love it or leave it. It is another tool the universe gives you to help reach your personal fulfillment, pay attention.

MWiz.– more to come.


Synchronicity or bad luck.