Mr J – Speaks Part 3

When I shined my light of him and he acknowledged that the light was coming from behind him is when he looked up… The cars lights that shined on the bolder that I was baiting behind never bothered him at all so I know he knew the difference of the two lights and where they were coming from. The interesting thing is how he looked up and turned towards me to look. When a animal turns to look at potential danger they move their shoulders along with their head in one motion but a human simply moves their neck in the direction of sight. Well this thing was bent over on all fours and jut stood up and looked over like a human would do but a 4 legged would of had to back up from behind the bush in order to get the angle to see me. Once day break came I went to the bush and examined the height of the bush where his tail bone was bent over and as it looked to me he would of stood to me my height or a bit taller and I stand 6 foot.

I recall the noise of his eating habits also and he would not be sitting dining with the Queen type thing but was rather in a hurry to gobble the food down and be on his way perhaps. I could hear sighs of relief and satisfaction as he exhaled from eating with each breath.

I also teach Tracking and understand footprints as if they were just laid as they each speak a story in great detail. So I am no stranger to the wild is what I am getting at and I have my own personal thoughts to what I have seen but I am no expert in the field of invented life.

Mr. J

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