11/11/11 is coming — prepare for something -comments from Jonathan Cainer



In just over a month, we’re going to arrive at 11.11.11. The Moon will have just turned full then. But what makes the moment exciting is not so much the astrology as the numerology. It is hard not to read some kind of significance into all those number ones. Many people are particularly looking forward to the moment when it becomes 11:11 on 11.11.11. What should we expect? I’ve been asking various mystically-minded people for their ‘take’. The suggestion I have heard most, and that I like best, is that it represents a chance to ‘reboot’ your life!

As you know, a reboot is for the most part a forced (turn the system off) shut down, then return to the system defaults. Just wonder how painful a shut down would be and then do we really want the system defaults again. Sounds like one of those things that could be good and could be bad and most likely some of both. Just another day, though probably more dramatic than usual, in the neighborhood. I like to think that those who have been seeing 1111 for years may have something positive and special on that day.

We’ll see….

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