Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 92

Location. Miami, Florida
Date: December 8 2009
Time: night
The witness, Brenda (involved in other encounters) was looking out her living room window at steely gray clouds when she saw a circular metallic craft that blended into the clouds but still was discernable. Whenever Brenda closes her eyes she sees a humanoid image with a square jaw, thick neck and sharp angles on the jaw, chin and cheeks.

HC addendum
Type: F?

Location. Near Monahans, Texas
Date: December 11 2009
Time: night
The main witnesses were having a family/friends get together to celebrate a birthday. During the celebration two of their nephews and a nice came tearing into the house, screaming at the top of their lungs, saying that a plane crashed in one of the adjacent pastures. The witness, his brother and 3 others walked outside to see what was causing the ruckus. They didn’t see anything out of the ordinary except for a strange burning smell that smelled like burning mesquite, they didn’t think anything of it since it was kind of nippy and someone could have been burning some wood in their fireplaces. They asked the children to show them where they saw the ‘plane’ go down and they walked over to the place they pointed to. The first thing they noticed was that all the dogs in the area were going crazy. They were barking up a storm, like they were all seeing the same thing.
The area is a pretty much rural community and many of the houses are set on large plots of land, usually 4-5 acres per house. Although they could see the houses of many of their neighbors and they do have traffic on the road, you do get a feeling of being all to yourself out here. Some of the houses are over run by wild mesquite trees, only a small portion of the land surrounding their house is cultivated and cleared out. Beyond the stand of trees runs a small barbed wire fence that separates them from their neighbors, who they could see were home from the lights in the house. They walked around the edges of the trees, not wanting to really go into the stand at night. Even though it was technically winter, there could be rattlesnakes seeking shelter in amongst the trees, not to mention that mesquite trees have some wicked thorns that protrude from them which are razor sharp and quite capable of punching through a pair of jeans or boots. As they looked around they started noticing some sort of electrical charge to the very air around them. Almost like the kind you feel when you approach a large electrical substation or a charged and active radio antenna. As they made their way around the trees, one of his brothers noticed some light peeking through the brush. He told him it was probably one of the neighbors leaving or coming home. He promptly told him that it couldn’t be headlights because the light seemed too defused and not as concentrated as a car’s headlight. They moved around as they cleared the stand of trees and were shocked to see an oval-shaped object hovering maybe 4-5 feet off the ground. They stood there in total shock and awe. As they stood there watching the object hover without any sound, the witness noticed that it was perhaps about 30-40 feet from front to back, it was maybe the same dimensions all around. The object seemed to be of a highly polished material that reflected the area around it. The reflection of the distant street light from the surrounding neighbor’s properties seemed to reflect off the surface of the object. There was also a small dull glow to the object, barely noticeable unless you were really looking, almost like an aura of sorts, an iridescent blue of sorts. As they stood in total shock, his brother next to him expressing disbelief, they saw two strange looking ‘men’ appear from around the object. They at first didn’t notice the witnesses, they were busy running around and gathering objects from the ground, and from the trees. They looked to be about the size of his oldest nephew, about 4 feet tall, but they looked very thin, like they had no meat on their bones. Their heads were large and their arms were long, thin and hung down around their knees. About this time the witness’s two nephews came walking behind them (startling the witnesses) they saw the object and the strange ‘men’ and in a voice that only a kid can project, screamed out loud ‘What are those things!”
That’s when the creatures turned and noticed them. The sight of the creatures was something that will ‘aunt the witness until the day he dies’. They turned and looked right at them. Their eyes were large, almost like the eyes of a praying mantis, except they were jet black and wrapped around their heads. The two creatures looked at them for about 7 seconds, without the slightest of movement and then they calmly walked around the craft, one right after the other. They disappeared behind the craft and they never saw them again. A few seconds later the craft silently lifted up, no rush of wind, not even a swaying of the nearby branches of a mesquite tree. It rose quietly and hovered about 40 feet from the ground, and shot out like a bat out of hell. As it zoomed away, it started glowing and made it easier to track as it zoomed away getting higher and higher until it faded away. The witnesses stood there in complete silence when finally one of them said that they should call the police, but they decided to cancel the idea. Some of the witnesses refused to talk about the incident later.

HC addendum
Type: C

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