Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 102

Location. England, exact location not given
Date: July 2010 Time: evening
The witness was sitting in his room typing on his computer when he noticed a black object
outside. He didn’t think anything of it because he thought it was a bird, then he looked past his
screen and there it was again. Since he had be talking about UFOs earlier that day he thought
to get his camera and he waited for the object and it passed by the window again but because
it was going at a good speed he couldn’t get his camera focused on the object. It came around
one more time and by this time he had opened his window to see if he could get a better look
and then it flew off. He noted that there was no sound coming from the object.
Later that night he kept wondering what the object was and as he was laying in bed he
suddenly got a ‘transmission-like’ vision of these four unknown beings standing over him, he
couldn’t see any facial expressions but he looked over to his arm and they had a long silver-like
needle scratching into the skin. He couldn’t move or feel anything. He looked back and above
him was a huge round light. He has never been able to forget it and had never told anyone.
The witness added that after the black object had circled the house several times, it then
shot off. He did take a photograph but it was not very good. It was that same night, as he lay in
bed unable to sleep, that he first got the image of a light and then saw the beings. He couldn’t
see their faces but they were tall. He compared them to doctors and it was as if they were
taking a blood test; they had a long very thin thing like a needle that touched his vein. Then the
beings just disappeared. Throughout the experience he found he couldn’t move; it was as if he
were paralyzed. In the morning he noticed a narrow red line where they had scratched the skin.
He has a feeling that they will come again, which scares him.
HC addendum
Source: Yorkshire UFO Society,
visitors.html Type: D?
Location. Minocqua, Wisconsin
Date: July 2010 Time: late night
The witness and her husband purchased a small lake home located about 50 feet from a
gorgeous lake. The day of the move, she led first with one of the rental trucks loaded, her
husband and children would be following the next day with the last of their items.
She pulled into their new home around 22:00 that night; she was too tired to start
unloading anything. She went in and dropped her purse on the floor and curled up in one chair
that was in the entire home. She distinctly remembers leaving on a kitchen light above the sink
and turning off all the other lights in the house. The house had been vacant for almost two
years and was completely empty except for her and her chair. She fell asleep quickly and the
next thing she recalls was waking abruptly and she was in complete blackness. She sat for a
second getting her bearings. She wondered why the lights were off, when night falls here you
cannot see a foot in front of your face. There are no street lights or neighbors to shed light of
any source. That’s when she saw a soft white glow—it was about five feet in front of her and
about three feet off the floor. She remembers feeling no fear, but confusion, wondering what it
was. It started to move vertically across the room, it turned slightly and that’s when she saw
what she described as a left shoulder and arm. It looked like an X-ray image. The arm was bent
at the elbow and it was moving with the white glow. That’s when things started to click in her
head; she realized that it must have been some kind of apparition.

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