Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 107

Location. New Brunswick, Canada (exact location not
Date: July 20 Time: 01:30 a.m.
A witness remembers being in the middle of a ‘normal’ dream when all of the sudden in the dream there was a really loud repetitive pounding drumming sound. It took the witness a while to notice it, but when he did he thought ‘this isn’t right, this doesn’t make sense in my dream’.
At this point the witness wakes up (he thinks). The
drumming is coming from only one side of
the room, the side with the door, so he turns his head to look. He doesn’t see anything so he turns his head back toward the window on the opposite wall. He is definitely awake at this
point, and he no longer hears the drumming. When he
looks at the window he sees a flash of
blue light. The blinds are closed, but the light is
bright enough that he can see through them,and the can see something floating in the sky outside the window. The object looks like a thick
dark line with a haze around it. It goes dark again
, but now there’s a shadowy figure drifting into the room from the window. It gets closer and closer to the witness who is beginning to
panic, but he is unable to move because it feels like something is pushing on his back. He felt pinned to the bed. The strange shape gets close enough that he can touch it, and finally he is able to pick up a pillow and swat at it. It then just dissipates into nothing. The witness goes on
to say that he has never experienced anything like
this before.
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