Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 130

AlbertLocation. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Date: October 27 2010 Time: night

The witness had been sleeping on a futon on the flo
or of the bedroom in his apartment
when he suddenly woke up and opened his eyes. Lying
on his right side, he could view the wall
which was about two feet across from him just beyond the open bedroom door. Another foot
down the wall was the only window in the room. Behind him, a wall mirror was propped against
the wall just to the left of the futon. Blinking lights from a source outside were reflected
perfectly from outside the window at just the right
angle to reflect onto the mirror propped
against the wall behind him, and then reflected across the futon to the wall in front of the
witness as he lay on his right side. He glanced up
at the window and saw an aircraft hovering
motionless in the sky perfectly positioned for him
to see it clearly from his position on the floor.
It had many blinking lights of red, blue, white and
possibly yellow, similar to those of a police or
emergency vehicle during a stop. From his position
on the bed on the floor looking upward, the
craft appeared to be in the shape of a boomerang. T
here were round balls of colored lights
equidistant across both wings which appeared to blink randomly. There was no sound that he
could hear. The window was closed.
He had never seen a craft like that before, but thought it might be an alien craft. Just then,
he felt the presence of three or four beings in his
bedroom. He continued to lie on the futon
with his head on the pillow. He could feel their energy but not see them. Clearly he could
distinguish the sense of three beings and possibly
a fourth one. Then as if in my mind’s eye, he
saw the image of a gray extraterrestrial and telepathically heard, “We don’t want to scare you”.
Before he could process this statement to respond,
the gray lifted his spindly arm and with an
arc of his arm and like the flick of a switch, he w
as out cold, asleep. He had not looked at the
clock (which was on the night stand behind him) when he first awoke and saw the lights. Nor
did he look at the clock when he again opened his e
yes to find himself still lying in bed. He felt
as if he needed to urinate. So he got up, and as he
stood up in the dark room, he could not see
them with his eyes but could feel the energy of at
least three beings and possibly a fourth. Their
energy felt a bit more diffused than when he was lying down. He could feel them watching him,
observing. He walked across the hall to the bathroom, urinated and returned to his bed. He
sensed that they had him arise to use the bathroom
just to observe to see if he could go about
this common routine. He felt as if they were scientists watching, whispering comments about
his ability to carry out this routine task. He mumb
led to himself as he returned to bed annoyed
that he didn’t know what was going on. He felt very
sleepy, unable to keep his eyes open.
Finally he succumbed to the extreme drowsiness, all
owing his eyes to close and he went back to
sleep. He doesn’t know how much time lapsed, for a
brief moment he reopened his eyes and
gazed at the window where he saw small gray extraterrestrial peering in the closed window at
him. He was standing on the balcony just outside of
the bedroom window. He estimated the
gray to have been about three feet tall. His large
head was typical of the grays seen in pictures.
His large expressionless solid black eyes stared at
him. His nose looked like a couple of small
holes with an almost non-existent mouth. He cocked
his head to the left side in an inquisitive
sort of way. His movements and the expression on his face appeared rather mechanical, as if
devoid of emotion or any sort of deep thought. His
affect and head movement was more
robotic than organic. He wanted to keep looking and
see what would happen next, but an
overwhelming sense of sleepiness overcame him and he closed his eyes.
However his curiosity compelled him to force his eyes open one more time. The gray was
gone from the balcony and he felt no energetic presence of any other beings in his apartment.
He immediately saw a white orb of light dart from t
he apartment building up towards the
boomerang-shaped craft that remained hovering in the sky. The light joined the end of the wing
closest to the witness, appearing consistent as the
other lights along the wings. Instantly the
ship darted upwards to the left, disappearing from
his view through the window. Still feeling
extremely fatigued the witness immediately went back to sleep.
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