Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 84

Location. Idaho, (exact location not given)
Date: October 23 2009
Time: 0500a
The night before the witness had been noticing many “shooting stars” in the sky and counted 24 of them. Tonight he was watching on his backyard porch when he saw a red shining object suddenly appear and move over the house. So he ran to the front door and watched it until it stopped and then another shining star-like light began blinking on and off. Then the red object would do the same, and as he watched the star-like object moved over the red object and they both disappeared. Later he awoke around 05:00 to smoke a cigarette and hoping to see more ‘shooting stars’. Suddenly he felt fearful and although it was dark outside he saw something like the shape of a human in the backyard where the tall weeds and a small fence were located. The human shape was rather tall and what frightened him the most was that it was coming in his direction and it looked like a dim light was outlining its shape. As it moved closer it did not disturb the weeds as it moved through them. Frightened the witness quickly ran back into the house and shut the door. He was unable to go back to sleep.

HC addendum
Type: D?

Location. Barrio Sintonia de la Cumbre, Capilla del Monte, Argentina
Date: November 2009
Time: night
Several young witnesses hanging out at a local plaza (Plaza Fatima) reported being approached on several occasions by short dwarf-like beings, about 1m in height, wearing black pants, white shirts, with large feet and using quick “aggressive movements”. According to some of the witnesses the “dwarves” approach witnesses and ask for ‘cigarettes’ if refused they would hit the unsuspecting witness. Allegedly one of the witnesses reportedly committed suicide after encountering the strange entities. They have been seen several nights in a row. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Proyecto Catent, Capilla del Monte Argentina
Type: E?

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